Monday, 25 May 2015


Yuhoooo... I got to try out the Maxis ONEPLUS One phone first! As a fashion designer/blogger, I need to keep myself up to date not only to fashion news but also every single thing which is related to fashion. T.T Sometimes is quite tough for me la when people tell me  "eh? how come you don't know this? you don't know that..."errr ok I try harder to update myself more k. So yeap! Gadget is one of the fashion item to me too! I'm already in love when I first received ONEPLUS! It is big enough and it looks cool enough by just judging from the cover. So gonna match up with all my daily outfits! 

ONEPLUS One is an high end device with affordable price. And now, Maxis is owning the exclusivity that no other telco has which the bundle buy with OnePlus by Maxis! I think the phone cover is so unique as it has a textured sandstone finish! so your phone won't slip away easily from your hand!


BF: YES????
ME: Calling for fun... 

BF: ..................

Ya! I had heard of their long live battery life! So I like to be lame as much as I like with my phone all day long. I'm lame and you should know it.. HAHAHAH I've heard that the battery lasted for the 17hours of continuous talk time during phone test. Which is more than enough for a day!!! 

ONEPLUS One is totally thoughtful for people lifestyle nowadays! <3

Showing my bf stupid face when he call me lame. 

Kind of addicted with this phone because it have beautify function in the camera too! haha This is what a girl need in their phone nowadays!!!! I can do selfie all day long with beautiful camera effect in this phone. MUAHHAHAHAA

Look at this, my skin looks smooth and the photo looks bright even the restaurant light is dim. 

Talking as if there's no car around me ><

Some good pictures taken by ONEPLUS One

For me, a good phone is a must in my daily life. It is my good working companion for all my good pictures. for me to handle all my social media platform. for me to chitchat with my friends. Without a good phone I'm gonna be a moody kid >< I know I rely on my phone too much. But I'm already in this drug. Ya, ONEPLUS One is my new drug. 

If you are interested in this phone, Maxis have a good plan for you!!!
Only exclusive with Maxis, you can get the OnePlus One device from only RM599* by simply signing up with Maxis One Plan!

Check out more at !!!

*Price stated is exclusive of 6% GST


Emma Diana said...

jom baca puisi modern

sgrmse. said...

Hey, I love your shades! Where'd you get em from?

Sha Nikitasakura said...

nice picture! You're glowing