Friday, 22 May 2015

[Tiger Cult Cultures] Uncage: 321 Studio

Last few weeks I had the chance to visit an inspiring art exhibition. It was held at Publika by 321 Studio.  All thanks to the Tiger Beer who continues to search for inspiring stories by real people who have dared and overcame their inhibitions in the name of uncaging their passion. To uncage yourself, one must know what she/he wants in life and be brave to pursue it!

Not only I got to see the exhibition on the day itself, but I also got to see the behind the scenes while they're busy preparing. During the preparation I found out everyone is full with passion and enthusiastic. This makes me feel more encourage to work harder to pursue my dream in fashion design.

On the event itself, everyone came with full of support to 321 Studio. So do I ! I love art, it was always related to my life and career! That makes me wanting to explore more in the exhibition! and of course art exhibition always give me new inspiration to my life! I found that some art pieces are really indescribable. Sometimes I really want to know what's inside an artist mind even myself too! HAHA

Met this awesome guy during the entire event. Andrew T Crum! He's a super talented street artist from Portland who like to explore around the world. Besides that, he's also one of most down to earth person that I've ever seen! To find out more about him, I had a 5 "WHAT" Q&A session with him!

1. What is the best in your career? are you always an art person since you're young? 
I don't consider what I do as a career. More a practice. Like lawyers practice law and doctors practice medicine, I practice life. And that life I aim to encompass regularly learning new skills & abilities while honing existing ones. I've always written, drawn, taken photos, made things, cooked and approached life in a DIY fashion. If I can't figure out how to do something, I'm a bit concerned.

2. What inspires you in your artwork?
 Curiosity. Story telling. Poetry. The idea of simplicity. That a line, shape or curve, put in a certain space can communicate and convey so much power and emotion. I love that about all the arts, from music, to food, to drawing, painting, design, architecture and definitely gardening and vehicles (like motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, etc). 

3. What's your typical day in your life as an artist? 
A typical day has me roll my butt outta bed, attempt to do a bit of stretching before using the toilet and taking a cold shower to help wake my sleepy brain up. I'll try and check my to-do list & make a quick mental plan for how my day will flow. After communications via email, facebook & instagram, I hopefully can spend a bit of time sketching or writing. Then it's probably well past time I shoulda had a meal, my head is probably splitting & i'm going bananas as my cell phone starts to ring with calls and texts. If i'm handling the pop-up gallery stuff, I'd be up there, pulling some espresso's while attempting to create more awareness of the current exhibition via instagram and facebook. If my brain isn't too fried, I've already hopefully had dinner with my lady & taking a bit of a refresher reading a book or magazine before I pass out to only awake to another day to do it all again.

4. What's your life quote? 

The 'golden rule' .... " do to others as you'd have them do to you" or " treat others like you'd like to be treated " ... probably that. Although I like a lot of quotes, that's probably what hits on all of them.

5. What's Next!? 

Continuing to find a way to bridge raising social awareness through arts. Artivisim seems to be catching on as a term. I don't think i'm so keen on that term, but in some instances, it's the thought that counts. A number of things are next. Working with a variety of collectives, gallery's and alternative spaces in the South East Asian region on some cool projects

Ok, enough of all the wordssss! Pictures time!
Rabbit jumping inside or to outside???

Adoring Andrew while he's making coffee lol


Check out more about the full story of 321 Studio! Uncage it!

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