Monday, 15 July 2013

Beyond Neon

Hello babes, I think I should blog more about my outfits already. I neglected my blog too much by keep updating my instagram only >.< So yea, you will see more crap on my blog now hehe. but more picture about the look la.. So you can see it in more detail :-) A lot of people asked me where I often but my clothes but I can't tell them a specific answer. Because I always shop in random shops. But most of the time I like to search my clothes at Sungei Wang. If you look in it carefully, you will found a lot of treasures! No lies!

I had been in love with neon color quite a while. Even it make my skin looks a few shades darker but I still love how it emphasize my skin color. I always complain about my skin but now I need to learn how to love it because I cant change it. Some people actually love my tan skin, they thought I go for sun tan but I never >.< Hopefully someday my tan skin can be looks like some gold and shinny type of tan. Need to work hard for it! :-)

No I did not go for exercise. I just wear whatever I like to wherever I like haha I don't care how people want to look at me as long as I am happy and feel comfortable.


I need a neon sunglasses too perhaps 

 I really want to update my blog more but I don't know what to write sometimes. Or I scare I might be makes you guys too bored. Can you tell me what you like to know more about me?? I am always welcome your comments. Then I can blog more and more craps. hehe

[Oufits from bangkok] [Nike shoes from Nike Factory Outlet at Genting Highland, very cheap! you guys should go visit!!]

End of the post! Neon brighten up my day! How about you??
Have a happy tuesday!!
XOXO! :-*

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