Friday, 19 July 2013

Human Farming +AmusingAnecdote

I always look for comfy clothes when I hang around the street or mall because I need to survive in the hot weather of Malaysia. That's why you hardly see me wearing jacket, skirts or long pants, if you noticed >.< In this case, i actually found the jacket I'm wearing now is very comfortable and chilling. Because it is made of Japanese linen fabric, design by Man Chien from HumanFarming. Love the print so much, I only need a set of plain outfit to match with it then I'm done. :-)

It looks less interest without the jacket, do I looks like some overseas student?? Lol
a cap and a pair of wedge kill the boring look, that's what I do when my outfits looks dead >.<
[cap/ Pavillion], [top/ China], [shorts/ Spicyholic], [wedge/ China], [bagpack/ Mulberry]

Talking about Man Chien, I am so impressed by her pop up store in Fashionably KL x Parkamaya's  event happened last 3 weeks. She's also one of my junior from Raffles Design Institute. I used to look at her with my very weird eyesight because the way she dress up is really unique >.< Somehow I realized she is such a talented and great designer influences by the japanese cultures and arts.

Love the story of her brand. <3
Read it!!

In a far away farm, live a Magical Unicorn and a Man.
They enjoy paintings, tomatoes, nature, and all things inspiring.

The Unicorn is inspiring and the Man is inspired.

So says the Man,
"Let's make clothes for human and the non,"

And there the story begins …

What you saw just now are all made by Man Chien.
Such amazing talent right?!?!? She were explaining to me how she make the bags with those wooden frames.
She said she used to be a carpenter too. haha. She mean she learned it before.
She were showing me there's a mini detachable purse inside the bag. For people who don't have a purse, that's me! Can you believe I don't have a purse? You will know it if you look inside my messy bag.

Such good service by her, even the bag need to be put on me by her. HAHA

 Can you see some beautiful contrast in this picture? hehe Coincidently we have unequal monotone color together. we have white and black hair. white and black outfits. black and white bags. and I am tan, she is fair. Lol Sorry I only have her back pictures on that day and she actually don't like to show her face. It's ok la, keep it as secretive as some mysterious witches. haha

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