Sunday, 7 July 2013

Yaasui Party Monster

It's Yaasui Party Monster last Saturday! It's an event organize by Lah Lah' Land, specially made for people who like to dress up themselves. Oh gosh! It's really fun! It just like how my friend told me. "that's the best fashion party I had ever attended in KL!" she said. So, I made my very last second decision to go. The party theme was "Club Kids". And I have nothing much fancy to wear to the party and no more time to make myself a very special piece. At the end, I drove myself to Daiso and pick up some really colorful, weird, cheap stuffs to style myself. That is why I'm wearing this trashy look! Kid's pink polka dot apron, huge flowers recycle bag, huge net leggings and stickerssss...I force myself to drink two cans of Milo and thats how I get the cans on my head. HEHHEHEHHEHEEEEE............See pictures, and look how much we all enjoy it!!! LoVE IT!!!!! Can't wait for the next to come!
Selca after the make over. my siblings was shocked. I don't know how did I make this too LOL.
But at the end I put on glasses and cover my eyes because I have no confident with my makeup :(

The Bistro 69, where the party held at.

My trashy look with Man Chien's Japanese Look. So lovely, isnt she!?
With Bobo and Dennis.

Vickie Koh,  me, Dennis and Csarelle.

Candid photo LOL.
Acting cool with my camera but with bad shooting skill -.-
Me and Sean.

the very cute man chien.

Alan and I

Sun Khiew and Justin

Sun Khiew, one of the amazing organizer.


My favorite makeup artist, Cole Tan.

Birthday girl of the night, Fanny, and also the winner of the female best dressed.

Kiss kiss. *shyyyy

Zoe Ng.

Nicholas with his cute ducky tits. LOL

Crazy Hannah Mok, haha
The cute Peas Hon.

and the ultimate cutie ghost girl, Sugee Wee.

Amazing DJ of the night, Brandon Ong and Edward.
My stickers... LOL

The always well dress Brandon Ong. 0.0

Ok la done for tonight's post. Thanks for those who vote for my best dressed. hehe.. Look at the grow in the dark bangle, that's how people vote. :-) Overall was a good good good good good night! KL definitely need a party like this always! We need a fashion party which we all couldn't recognize our friend's face sometimes.  We need to dress up and express how are we actually! This is one of the fun part of the night!  LOVE IT!!!

Thanks to Yaasui!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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