Friday, 5 July 2013

KLFW Day 4

HHmmmm There will be no KL.FW day 3 for me. because I am not invited to any show. :( Anyway, there's a joke of that day. I actually mix up a show time with other day which happen at12.30pm also. So I woke up late and make up myself tiredly, i can even fall asleep while making up. I dressed up well and rushed to the show. Somehow, I'm late and I see no one in the show. but I was thinking there must be someone hanging around after the show. Then I rethink! Oh! I came at the wrong day!!! I quickly ran back to my car because I were wearing a freaking outstanding "money" printed outfit. 0.0 How embarrassing, luckily my friend didn't agree to follow me to the show when I ask for his companion. HAHHAHA Oh gosh....... why am i so stupid...............................

Stop the stupid 

I came to support Joe Chia's Chapter 2 collection on the 4th day which happened on 12:30pm.

Outfits of the day with my boy.
Stripessssssss!! all made by my boy. hehe

With the designer Syomir Izwa which have stripy pants too :-)

Show started with Bon Zainal.

Camwhore break with Lewis.

He too poor to buy a pair of socks :-(

follow by Fairuz Ramdan. Love his ultimate cute collection!

The black gang.
 nana, evangeline, tong, and huan.

and then...the long awaited designer, Joe Chia! Yeahhhh!!! I should call him Mr.Charming because he always put on a big smile whenever he at, even on the stage. I don't know what he laughing at. HAHA Good job! His collection is amazing as usual. Monochromatic, androgynous and powerful! I want to wear them!!

My companion. Chow and Roger.

Show ended with Roslan Wilkinson.

Group shot with pretty girls :-)
Xuan Jing, Me, Sugee and Hannah.
I don't know what happen to me.But I think Xuan Jing bullied me. :-( LOL

Night time!! A show for Khoon Hooi! Changed my outfit to Jonathan Liang.
Keith Chee, Amanda.

Ashman and Ezzati. <3

Daniel and I.

Attended this show with my lovelies..Pei Yee, Silas, and Tengku Syahmi.

 picture credits: Hello! Malaysia

Photo credits: KLFW
Great show presented by Khoon Hooi! Love it!
Sorry I was sitting inside the crowd and I couldn't take a clear picture :-(

photo credits: Keith Chee
End the post with my ootd.
Totally in love with this outfit! Off the runway from Jonathan Liang fw'2013.
Perfect for a night like this <3


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