Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A day at Centro Hair Salon

Last few days I was so headache about my hair because those troublesome roots kept coming out. I have no more mood to style my hair >.< and I don't know what to do with my hair. Change color? or back to black? or chop it off? At the end, my friend, Joyce Wong recommend me this Salon name "Centro Hair Salon". She told me that they gave good service and they could help me solving my "headache" problem. Most importantly, their price is very reasonable! So I had experienced it and I am happy with it! So I want to introduce my readers too :-)

A short clip showing my one day experience in Centro Hair Salon.
They're all very kind and nice!! Served me tea, magazine, food and DVD to kill my boredom!
I changed my hair to silver blonde. The whole process was taken care by the Creative Director, Kevin and a few hairstylists. How sweet are them! Now I know why they're also called Luxury Hairdressing Salon. 
Pleasure meeting them! They do serve a lot of local celebrities hair too! 0.0

I bet a lot of people are surprise of this hair color that I've tried. No doubt, we are all still young. Do it before you get old or die! LOL There's no regrets in life, be daring to try new things! Make everything work!
Thanks to Centro Hair Salon again!
I have a great time pampering my hair in your salon! :-*

oh ya! they also have the best hair service "7 day promise"! which mean if you have any problems after your hairdo, you can return to their salon and they will strive for perfection! how great!?

For more details, please visit:

Instagram: centrohairsalon
Tel: +603 22877330
Salon available at: KLCC and The Gardens Mall


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