Monday, 28 October 2013

NUYOU 20th Anniversary

Happy 20th Birthday to NUYOU!!! 
Attended to NUYOU 20th anniversary at Chin Woo Stadium last Friday! It was a fabulous and glamour night for all the celebrities, models, medias, and fashionista! Most importantly, thanks to the fabulous people who gave amazing contributions to NUYOU!!! Hearts them!

Many many issues of NUYOU's cover hanging for decoration! <3

The dress code of the night is "your favorite designer".
Well, I got too much favorite designers >.< such as Alexander Mcqueen, Dior, Valentino, ......  
I can't afford my favorite designer so I wear my own creation >.<  Polka dots top with stripy skirt, giving a touch of sultry by showing upper waist and legs haha. Reuse the top from eyewear launch because Nuyou event was held after it.

camwhore in the toilet while waiting more crowd to arrive. haha

Laura Mercier also set up a booth here to help us touch up our makeup. hehe. so I had a tried :-)

Seah Song Fan and Hayden Koh.

Loreal hair show. 

With beautiful bloggers, Jane, Cherrie, and Nana.

With Kevin, Director from Centro Hair Salon. He dyed my hair!!

Mei Xin!

Vicky hot MAMA!

Leanne Wong

Joe Kong


Joe Chia.

Lovely Tengku Syahmi and Silas Liew.

Awesome Shuai  Yu.


Albert Nico.

My good good companion, Cole Tan, my favorite makeup artist <3 

Another good companion of mine, Keith, the awesome hairstylist!


Awesome Black team Enzo and Justin! 

Very cute Justin haha

Joanne Yu.

Super love her Comme des Garcons red piece! I DIEEEEEEEEE!
Fashion Director of NuYou, Monica Mong.

End my post with my poser picture! Bluek!

I had a great great night hanging out with all the awesome people that night!
Thanks NUYOU again! <3 <3 <3 and Happy Birthday once again!


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Susan Cheah said...

Gorgeous!! wear some chic eyewear, you will look more prettier!! cheer!!

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