Sunday, 27 October 2013

MRV - ModernRetroVintage Eyewear

I'm a huge fans of sunglasses! if you noticed in my pictures >.< I feel so naked whenever I'm without sunglasses. #imserious! Everyone have different face shapes, cheekbones, nose bridge, etc. That's the reason why we can't find a perfect glasses for ourselves sometimes even the sunglasses looks super awesome!

Thanks to the brilliant MRV eyewear that newly launch in town! Specially made for Asian face and crafted in Italy! WOWWWWW! Sound's really good huh? Yes it is good! Perfectly fit for my face no matter how many designs I've tried! Most importantly there're many different designs to pick. ^^

The launching event was held on last Friday at Nagaba Bar. Vintage is the theme! Obviously you can see through what I'm wearing >.< Made my self-painted top, "seriously" vintage pants from my bf's mom. "seriously" vintage bag from Nina Ricci, Zara heels and not to forget the pair of ModernRetroVintage's sunglasses! Without the sunglasses, I'm naked! >.<

One of the booth showcasing all the super cool sunglasses. Soft contoured eye shape, geometric, glossy, luminous gold mirror Zeiss lenses, metal rivets, architectureal shape, metal frame, bold aesthetic, matte black, too much to mention!! They have everything you want!!

ModernRetroVintage is under the aegis of Eyewear Creations Group. A sole distributors for popular brands like Calvin Klein Collection, Emilio Pucci, Karl Lagerfeld, ic!berlin, etc. You can buy it at any authorized optical stores. 

The launching was attended by all the supermodel, celebrities and blogger in town!!
Was so lucky to pose in front of these supermodel! HAHAHHA POSERRRRRRR
With the hot chick Lynn.
With Derrick Ho, the founder of MRV.

 With awesome blogger, DUOGIGS!

Dian Sharlin, the model, actress and tv host!!
Camwhore with our own favorite sunglasses!

 Hey you, what's up?!

 Stupid camwhores with the supermodel Josh Ho. Lol

and then the stupid hot chick, Lynn >.<
 Signing the signature board like a boss! HAHA


Pose like the girl in the illustration. HAHA Vain! it's actually illustrating Debbie Goh >.<

Pose like him too!

 Food is serveeeeeeeeeeeeeed! Taste really good!
 The crowd.
With the cuttie Calvin, love his jumpsuit!

Shir Chong attending as a celebrity! Wootssssss!
with Debbie Goh and Lee Yvonne.

 A group picture to sum up the launching!!! I'm like a tuna, sandwich in between >.<
Mom, why you no build me tallerrrrrrrrr..........

Thanks to MRV again! I had a great great time hanging in the bar!

Good night!

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