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HALO!! Recently I am facing a lot of tough works. Anyhow, life goes on.. I will be stronger after this! Hope all my friends too! Today I'm going to blog about my Korea trip day 5,6,7,8. LOL Need to end it here today! On the day 5, we are back from Jeju Island to Seoul. We do nothing much on Day 5 because it is quite tiring after the exhausting plans at Jeju Island. We just hang and chilling around.

We went to Gyeong Bok Palace at 5pm but it is about to close. So we changed plan and going to visit here on the next day.

So we walk to Insadong to walk around, it's not far, just 10minutes walk from Gyeong Bok Palace.

Insadong-gil is the main street which is connected to a multitude of alleys that lead deeper into the district, with modern galleries and tea shop. At one time it was the largest market for antiques and artworks in Korea. [ Via Wikipedia ] 

Look at two of the white children. They looks so shock when they saw me  HAHAHHAHA I'm scary and I know it 0.0

You can also find a lot of restaurant at here. This is what we had for dinner. Spicy Chicken pot but is actually taste exactly like curry chicken in our country haha. We like it because we had too much Korean food past 4 days lol.

 The next morning, we are back to the Gyeong Bok Palace. 

There were some ceremonies happening.

 At here, I saw a lot of handsome guy HAHHAHA
They looks even more handsome in uniform lol

stupid selfie.

my favorite jumping shot again. hehe
My mom took this photo for me lol.

Gyeong Bok Palace is really a huge place!
 It is first constructed in 1395, later burned and abandoned for almost three centuries, and then reconstructed in 1867, it was the main and largest palace of the Five Grand Palaces built by the Joseon Dynasty. The name means "Palace" [Gung] "Greatly Blessed by Heaven" [Gyeongbok]. [via wikipedia]

Can somebody tell me what kind of insects giving this kind of sounds!?
It's annoying but I love it! HAHAHA

 Inside the palace, they also make a museum for visitor. You can see a lot of traditional Korean's stuffs.

This video showing the flower from the picture blooming when you use their IT stuff to view it I don't know what is it call -.-

Another flower.

Then we went to this place called Bukchon. This is a place where all the ancient building are still here with residents. So we have to keep silent when visiting this place.

Look how hot is my mama! This is where she lost her bag >.< She placed her bag and umbrella on the floor and wipe her sweats then she took her umbrella only when she leaves >.< After 15 minutes away from this place only she found out her bag is lost. So I quickly run back to this place, and I found the bag was still right at this spot with a lot of tourist around. HAHHAHAH But they are like totally ignoring the bag. How good are they!!! This is why we love Korea because they're famous with "no thief"! LOVEEEEEEE!!!!!my heart was almost jump out!!

 A lot of nice restaurant around this area too.

 Caught someone selfie in the restaurant HAHAHHA
 I have no idea what is this about >.<

My sister took this candid shot >.< She called me fashion people who craving fashion like a dog. HAHHAHAHA
True with this pose. I have no idea why I act like this >.<
 My first time seeing grapefruits tree on the street! So cute!

 We walked to the Banpo Bridge at night. You can see a lot of couples and friends picnic here and watching rainbow fountain at 8pm onward!
Such a nice place to chill out!!
While waiting for the rain stop. we stay under the bridge HAHHAHA I don't know what was I doing. Just trying to act like a King Kong. My foot was too pain walking the whole day, so I changed to a pair of slippers HAHHAHA

The last day, we walk around the town and came to Nam San Tower in the evening.
Experiencing the city view and sunset. So lovely!

 Love Locks trees. So romantic. So many couples are here <3

 See Nam San Tower through my sunglasses.

I swear is hard to take a full body with Nam San Tower! But I find a good way! Use panorama in vertical!!!
I crop my body away because the pose is stupid haha

A video showing the N place.

My last chance to shop for masks before we go home! HAHA Hardcore me!
Who want some?!?

 The beautiful sunset view from Nam San. A good good view to end our Korea trip!
Overall, Korea is good! Clean! Nice people! Impressive! Please visit if you got a chance!!
We so gonna miss you, KOREA! :-*


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