Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Chinese New Year makeup tutorial

errrr... this is quite random and awkward to post but I still want to take my courage to post. I am trying to do a makeup tutorial recently so that my readers will know how my makeup artist do my wonderful makeup! So are you interested to watch? if yes, keep reading.. HAHA my video editing and speaking are not that skillful yet but I will slowly improve myself ok? and I do not have a professional lighting yet. be patient!!! or do let me know whether I should speak in Chinese or English as I am not skillful in neither one of these language >.<

This time, we are doing Chinese New Year makeup because Chinese New Year is around the corner!! People always asked where do I do my makeup and hair. So I guess I can show you my makeup this time but not my hairstyle yet >.< because hairstyle is so much harder to do! T.T But I can still teach you  a little of technique for hairstyle too la... Do you trust I actually work in a hair salon before as a shampoo girl when I was 15 and 16? HAHHAHAHAHA 

Alright, cut the crap and watch my makeup tutorial with Mr.Cola.  Hope you all like it.

(why my damn ugly face stop at here!? Somebody teach me how to change le........T.T)

Wishes you a very
May god bless you all!!

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