Monday, 18 August 2014

Moda 24th Anniversary

Another year of Moda had been successfully held again! Happy 24th Anniversary MODA!!!

Every year, Moda Designers get together to celebrate this auspicious day. This year Moda impressed us with the longest indoor runway at Publika, KL. Of course, the show will never be so awesome without all the well established designers on stage. Young designer also get the opportunity to showcase their work! All thanks to Moda so that we can appreciate all the local designers work again.

The longest indoor runway.

You can't sit with us.

This year, Moda present 10 young up-coming designers collaborating with Redken Hair stylist and Shu Atelier Malaysia. The theme is inspired by Samsung Galaxy S5 that celebrates innovation together with Moda.

Ava Abdollahi

Daphne Lim

Hyacinthe Kaur

Hanif Naim

Hariharan Arasu

Lorenzo Peh

Michelle Soong

Nigel Chia

Phuna Boon Yi

Vincent Leong

Then Zoe came to take selfie with my phone. AHHAHA For you my gorgeous Zoe......

Then Kathryn came to style snap while zoe busy selfie -ing.

My lazy all white look. with manager's new balance.

Another show start by all the established designers. Well, you should know them all..

Alvin Tay.

Alexandrea Yeo. One of my craziest friend and very awesome designer from Project ruway :-*

From left: Amir Luqman and supermodel Tinie in Allien Gan.

Asley @ Kapas.

Coco Siew in Beatrice Looi.

Carven Ong.

Supermodel Shir Chong in Celest Thoi. <3

Qiang Hui in Dominique Chan.

Eric Choong. Love the head gear.

One of my favorite by Fairuz Ramdan.

Atikah in Hatta Dolmat. Sorry, picture bruuuurrrrr....

The amazing Joe Chia!!

Jonathan Cheng.

Joyce Wong

Justin Yap.

Karl Ng

Key Ng

Khoon Hooi

Meesha Sukira.

Melinda Looi

Nazleen Noor

Nurita Harith


Rhea Benson

Rico Rinaldi

Eclipse by Sonny San.

Syomir Izwa

Variante by Leslie by Variyan

Venie Tee

William Liew

Zery Zamry

Zang Toi

Bill Keith.

Gillian and Shelah's thanking speech.

All white! 

We are so excited with Kee Hua Chee's tiger bag haha

Lastly, with my great makeup artist/manager, colalababy <3

correct me if I wrote any designer name wrong :-*

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