Sunday, 31 August 2014

Vivienne Westwood Shoes An Exhibition 1973-2014

Annyeonggggg!! I'm just back from Thailand! Selfie a bit first. LOL

I'm such a lucky girl because I get to visit Vivienne Westwood shoes exhibition 1973 - 2014 at Central Embassy, Bangkok!!! Vivienne Westwood is one of the brand to die for! She is the mother of Punk! Her awkwardness and uniqueness makes her brand stand out a lot throughout the worldwide. And now, here I am at her shoes exhibition to view her shoes designs from her very first collection to present year. Heart full of happiness!

Heyyyy.... Sexy lady...

View from the top of Vivienne Westwood exhibition.

Penis shoes that caught my attention 0.0

"Shoes must have very high heels and platforms to put women's beauty on a pedestal." 
- Vivienne Westwood.

This exhibition celebrates the ingenuity and creativity of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, focusing on her designs of the ultimate fetish object: the shoe.

Westwood's clothes possess an unmistakable signature style. However, her shoes have also gained a repuation and  created memorable fashion moments - the tumbling of Naomi Campbell when wearing the Super Elevated Gillie on the catwalk in 1993, the Rocking Horse which became an instant collectible when it appeared in 1986 and her Pirate Boots, first seen in 1981 but remain popular and in demand to the present day.

Westwood’s designs are a result of considered and distinctive influences - 16th Century Dutch Delft pottery as the inspiration for her 1996 Toile Print Boot, British colonialism reflected in the Sahara Plimsoll of 1999, Victorian dandyism influencing the 1996 Trompe l’Oeil Boot and Westwood’s nurse inspired 15.5 centimetre heel Mary Janes of Erotic Zones a salute to S/M and fetishism. 

One of my favourite! So prettttttyyyyy!! <3

This exhibition traces the exceptional success of Dame Westwood's career to date and showcases her artistic individuality. Illustrating her defiance of the rules of wearability and convention, the exhibition is also evidence of her uncompromising  quest for superb craftmanship and attention to detail.

Today, Vivienne Westwood’s shoes are celebrated the world over for leading the way in design, creativity and style and have become famous British icons in their own right.
The exhibition will held until 6th of September at Thailand. So don't miss it!


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