Thursday, 11 June 2015


Have you been to apa apa pun ada punya shopping website? Of course you have, but I haven't... hahaha. Because it's too complicated to click here and there, here and there, here and there...... But... there's always some exception. I found this new website which is really well organised with everything in it. From Fashion to Electronics, Beauty & Health, Home & Living and etc..There are over 100 merchants with 300 brands and the list is still growing! Everything are carefully placed in each page and every products are carefully picked by them. I think this is why we can easily spot on GEMFIVE! Every find is a GEM!

Let me do some short introduction of GEMFIVE now.. aahheemmm..
GEMFIVE is an online shopping destination where you can discover new brands, find the things you love and look out for the latest must-haves.  At GEMFIVE, they simplify your shopping experience with curated good finds, tips and tools, and daily inspirations for everyday living. 

They're passionate about getting their merchant community and authorized partners’ right for you.  So you can shop with confidence and they want you to have as much fun visiting GEMFIVE as they do in stocking it.

Founded in Malaysia in 2015, GEMFIVE is operated by GuoLine eMarketing, an independent, new private entity owned by the Hong Leong Group. Hong Leong Group is a strategic investor to this start up!   

Fuhhhh.... I guess you already know 70% of GEMFIVE so the balance 30% you'll need to explore by clicking sini sana. Let me click sini dan sana and discover great finds with every click... Or this should be called a Kittie Yiyi enters a world of great finds!!

Ok, let's start with some Fashion browsing as I'm a fashion lover maaa....

At fashion page, you can find many many many many manyyyyyyyyy types of clothing and also manyyyyyy of different brands! There are designer brands from overseas and also local. There are Sakun from Korea, Stella & Jamie from USA, DA+PP from Thailand, Comoddity, Kin by Nik, Line 32 from Malaysia and etcccccc....

So have you spotted a leng lui in this page? I did! Let's click in and see how pretty she is! haha no la... I mean I memang attracted to the clothes la... of course model also play an important role there la.. LOL

Oh hiii, leng lui! can I wear the same thing as you are??? I think I gonna be as pretty as you after wearing it too. HEHHEHEHEee... #whyimsolame-.-

Yeap, just a few clicks, I've decided what I wanted to buy. So just add to the cart and I can continue shopping. Pay bill later ba... 

Wahhh!! They also sell smartphones wan le!!! 0.0

Wah got cosmetics also! I LIKE!!!!

Shoessssssss......I'm going to be broke soon T.T

Nvrm.. With many special deals, I can continue shopping LOL..
Click here for all the special offers in GEMFIVE!

 Ok, I'm done shopping! Who's gonna pay my bill???
I give you one lollipop if you pay for me OK?


While I wait for someone to pay for my bill, I have 5 sets of RM20 vouchers to giveaway!
Just drop me a comment with your email and I’ll randomly pick one of

you okok?

For more information,
Click into !!!


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