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ENEOJI Pantyliner

Ann Yeong!! I just back from Korea and I really tired but I have so much pictures to share to you guys!! URGHHH! This post was actually written 3 weeks ago but due to some technical problem. I cant post it >.<
OMG.. this is my first time writing such long post. please bare with my english error if there's any >.<
It's all about womens...........
 I believe 9 out of 10 girls have period cramp. I am one of them >.< I have ultimate serious period cramp since I started my college life. I think it is due to lack of sleep, stressful of assignment, and unhealthy eating habits. I feel like dying every month when Mrs. period came to visit me :-( I can shit and vomit in the same time and even can't feel my whole legs. Every college mates of mine knew how bad was I when I in these days. Some of them can even act how I vomit and laughing at me now. HAHA  I still remember how my boyfriend carry me in the mall and running back to the car when I almost faint. How dramatic and embarrassing right!? >.< 

This painful experiences had followed me for about 5 years. Nowadays I have less pain and I started to take care of my living habit. I eat healthier, sleep earlier, and don't over stress myself. In this entire process, I did not take any medication or treatment. Maybe some healthy traditional herbs. It cure a little but it the cramp still doesn't go entirely.

Until recently, my friend introduce me this newly launch product all the way from Korea. ENEOJI! it means only you. It is a pantyliner. Not the usual one. It is a very very interesting pantyliner. It can helps to avoid period cramp, improve blood circulation, prevent uterus cancer and many more! Sounds very good huh? It is! I had tried it! I will explain how it function and affect our inner body. Jinja daebakkk!!!!

Do you know? Many kind of sickness/virus can attack us when we get COLD? Blood circulation can slow down and body immunity can be pretty low when we get cold. This is why we easily attack by flu, cough or other sickness. To summarise this, Chinese said that " 寒气是万病之根, 要健康, 先卸寒。" It means, Coldness caused a million of sickness, cure the coldness first if you want to be healthy.

A healthy body temperature and good body immunity should be 36.5C. Body immunity can be increase 5-6 times if the body temperature increase 1C. Body immunity can be decrease 30% in every 1C decreasing of body temperature. It can cause of more than 60 types of diseases!

Getting cold in Uterus is the biggest enemy of women's health and beauty.
  • FACE AND SKIN. Do you know uterus is equal to women's second face? It is also women's major organ of hormones.
  • BODY SHAPE. Once we get cold, our bodies will produce more fats to protect our body temperature.
  • Pregnancy. Generative organs is afraid of coldness. if the uterus get cold, it will affects imbalance of menstruation and women's disease. Difficulty to be pregnant is one of the major reason.
The secret of ancient korean beauty care.
Uterus is a women's second life. If it is well care, you will look gorgeous in any ways.ENEOJI panty liner is inspired by the Korean traditional way of treating disease with steam generated by boiling medicinal herbs in 600 years ago. All the woman in royalty excrete their body coldness through sitting on the herbs steamer container. Basically like a toilet bowl. LOL. These herbs go into ours bodies and help improve our body immunity. In the same time, it helps moisten vigina and improve sex life. haha...

Sounds really good hor...

So how it works?

The pantyliner actually comes with an energy pack and a panty liner.

Heat it up by shaking it for 5-6seconds and attach it underneath the pantyliner. and you will experience the hotness that you never had before. HAHA

Stick on your underwear and wear it on your bear bear! HHAHAHAH!!!

The pantyliner contain:
And the energy pack contain Volcanic Stone of Jeju Island, Tourmaline and Pico Energy.

Eneoji suitable for:

  • woman who always stay inside the aircond room/work space.
  • hands, legs, body get cold easily.
  • lower body is cold, uterus which get cold.
  • before and after menstruation care.
  • period cramp, women's disease.
  • to avoid cold after giving birth
  • slow metabolism
  • stressful woman 
  • cold drinks lover.
  • women who exercise in the winter time.

Do you have body cold diseases? check yourself! 
  1. Headache, waist ache, 
  2. menstruation pain/imbalance.
  3. lower body is fat.
  4. hot head cold foot, get flu easily.
  5. face is pale.
  6. limbs are cold, legs scare of cold. back, waist, and neck are cold.

End of the post!!!
BEH TAHAN already!!! I need to sleep!!!
Oh yea, I did a video blog in chinese version about this product too.
View it!!
It's my first time... don't laugh!!! I know i looks different from the pictures >.<
It took me a lot of courage to upload this video. Cause it looks boring but I dun want to waste my effort hahhaha
Enjoy watching!!!

(damn!! Don't know why it looks so blur!!!! Fix it tomorrow la aiya!!! Good night!!!!)

Will do some better video next time k! BYEMUACKS!
why i sound so cincaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii T.T

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