Saturday, 24 August 2013

Marie Claire Woman Style & Substances 2013

When Alex have an extra ticket to Marie Claire Style and Substance 2013 event, she thought of bringing me to go because she knows I love to dress up HAHA Thanks to Alex again I get to dress up like a lady to Marie Claire cocktail party which held at Circus, Pavillion KL two days ago. This is an gorgeous event! It is organized to appreciate Malaysian woman who made us proud. This was the first time I attend to Marie Claire event. It is just simply amazing and wonderful!

and you know what! I forget to bring my camera to the event. It feels totally URGH!!! So I apologize for all the unprofessional pictures >.< It was all taken by my iphone.  Thank god camera360 app now have night mode. So every pictures still looks gorgeous. HAHHAHA

My outfit of the night. It was almost surprise myself too for dressing up like a woman. Feel so happy to wear super high heels again. I can now walk confidently. (actually not. too much people staring at me and Alex. feeling so stress >.< )

[Jumpsuit from my coming online boutique], [Heels from Christian Louboutin], [Clutch from China], [Sunglasses from Bangkok]

Look at what my man wore. A super huge cancan red dress with her super height >.<
How can people not stare at her???

Sorry that I keep posing >.<

 Just some camwhore moment with Alexandrea >.<

The crowded event.

With Jimmy Ong.

The party people.

Hayden Koh, me, Eddy Tan, Alexandrea Yeo.

 Met my old college mate, Xin Yee.


Zakwan and Lulu.

 My old colleague, Leanne Wong :-)

Then Alex and Me. Ignore my lipstick stain on the straw. >.<

Happy womens taking picture at photobooth!

Look at my beautiful man.. AHHAHAHA

and thanks to Alex's photo skill, my legs looks super long wuhooooo!!!
Girly ma?? hahhaha

Alright I end my post here with my makeup look of the night.
Simple and clean look just right for the cocktail party which resembles all the woman of style and substances at Marie Claire night. I believe all women are gorgeous in their own way!

Sorry for all the only camwhore pictures. Camera tak ada >.<

For more pictures and details, you can visit Marie Claire's facebook.

Good night!!

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Thanks! :-)

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