Sunday, 18 August 2013

Korea Day 1.

Ok la! Is time to blog about my Korea trip. I have too much pending trip to post still lol. But forget about them first. I need to blog about my korea trip day by day. Slow slow ok? I want to show you what we do everyday in detail. urgh >.<  oh ya! this was a family trip with my sister, mommy, and 2 of my aunties. sounds weird huh? haha It was a 8 days trip!

Watching sun rise in the plane at Seoul. SO BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
We took the super early flight to Seoul from KL which is 5am.
It took 7 hours to Korea from Malaysia.
Yeah! Happy getaway!

Video of me feeling excited to be in Seoul, Korea. Lol
Trying hard to speak like a Korean lol

We stay in Guest House The Hill at Myeong Dong.
This is how the interior looks like. Sorry I forget to take my room picture and outside picture >.<
It's pretty simple and nice guest house. Just right for us to go to the city.

But the guest house is at the uphill. If you don't have a good stamina, u might die. LOL #exangerrate.
The view from our window and the clean staircase.

Place for guest to chill and eat.
At guest house. They serve you breakfast but you have to cook yourself and clean your own dishes.
Interesting. HAHA

Our little lunch after the long and tiring flight. It is quite pricey. 6000 won per plate which is RM18.
Quite famous but I forget what's their name. >.<
It is located at Myeong Dong street.

My mommy and aunties took the later flight to Seoul than us.
So only me and my sister on the first day. We had planned to go to Jeju Island when they arrive on the next day. and will come back to Seoul again after Jeju trip. So we were just hanging around on the first day at Idae-yeok. We planning to visit their famous EWHA Woman's University. It is not an ordinary school 0.0 See pictures......

Along the way to EWHA, there are a shopping street. Cheap and nice stuff are gather at there too!!!

Spotted very cute girl sitting on the shop lol
Quite scary but their building are quite interesting!

The big red heels.

Short clip showing the street. Thanks to instagram video! :-)

Found all my twins here. LOL

Finally we reach the Ewha Woman's University.

Pretty huge place!

Their football court and exercise place.

Guess what is behind me? Show you later.
I was just holding a empty cup to pose because I couldn't find any dustbin for many years ago. lol
In Seoul, you can hardly find a dustbin. I don't know why. That's why I saw some people holding a plastic bag that consist rubbish inside. lol

Their very huge church inside!

LALALALALA.......... Feeling excited!

Found a good spot for me to act stupid again lol.
My kind of way to take my outfit of the day haha.Just trying to dress like a Korean lol
Every single items are from China. If you want, mail me!

Ok! So this was the spot that I wanna show you! Freaking nice view and great architecture from here! I LOVE IT!!!

The two huge side is not just a wall. It is all made by glass and you can see students and teachers walking inside. and there are many floors. Jinja Daebak!!!!!!!

Ok, now I feel like study again. I saw quite a lot of handsome guy and pretty girls here. WUWUWUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu I WANT!!! T.T

After the visit in Ewha, we went back to the street and shopping!!

 Our hot and spicy pot for dinner at Myeong Dong. Pricey as well le...... 18000 won just for me and my sister 0.0  Thats all for the first day! We didn't do much thing on the first day as we arrived at Seoul at the afternoon. The super journey will only start the next day!!

Ok I need to sleep already! Hope you enjoy reading this post and please wait for my 2nd day post pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Sneak peek for tomorrow post.
When aunties meet the two girls. URGH!!!!!!

And also my ootd for 2nd day to fly to Jeju Island!


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