Thursday, 22 August 2013


Thanks to Yaasui again, we had an awesome party night again! Not an ordinary party but a pretty fun and amazing fashion party! The party was held on last Saturday, and the theme was named YAALYMPIC! Meaning Yaasui Olympic. 

If you read my previous post about Yaasui fashion party, you will know what's Yaasui about. Yaasui is a fashion platform where it gathers people who share the same passion and dream. Yaa Sui is a fashion medium where everyone is given a chance to dressed up as they always wanted to; a place where one could deliver the right message to whom they always wanted. Yaa Sui believed that there is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion. Yaa Sui now had created Yaa Sui Community and Yaa Sui Production. The Production was founded by Brandon Ong (executive Producer and Host), in the assist of Putra Dharma (Production Manager), Grace Han (narrator) and Yuthika Peiris (Camera and Video Production).

It is also all formed by theses brands called Lah Lah Land, Chalk, Maxx Chuo, Influence and Beeyinalicious.

Ok, Less talking this time, lets see all the sporty fashionista who rocks the party!

My outfit of that night. football printed top created by myself last minute again. HAHA

My beloved friends. Man Chien said she played an audience role on that night. LOL

Sook Yee and Alan Ooi.

Djs of the night.  Brandon (middle) looking as great as usual!
I love Edward's clothes! YAO MING! HAHA

With the roller skater, Ashley!

Meet the lovely, Cherriemun.

 Dennis Lee.

 The amazing Sun Khiew with her cute swim look. Haha

 Simply gorgeous Vicky Bobo Chow!

 Cherrie, Ashley, Me <3

Wei Sin and Joey.

Csarelle and Man Chien.

The beautiful DuoGigs.

Musculas Superman, Wei Sin.
Currently in the hottest hunk 2013 finalist! support!

 Csarelle and Mua Thai, Edward.

 Beautiful Tennis player Brandon Ong.
 My happy friends hahaha.

 The Unicorn alike, Man Chien haha
The Couple! 

The crazy best friend, Hannah Mok and Sugee Wee.
 The hairstylist, Keithpk.
Crazy Brandon.

 I look like i hate them ahha because they are all beautiful.
Karina Hor, Doris Hor, Chanwon, and Vicky.

Peahons from Chalk.

Nettle Chew and Sugee Wee.


2nd runner up who won best dressed of the night.

1st runner up.

And the winner of the night! Darren Loke!!

End my post with my make up of the night.
Always in love with thick and high eyeliner! YEAPPI!!!

And I love playing a fool with my hair. HAHHAHAHA
My friend, Jean Teoh, who was too bored then she created me this wifi picture. because my hair tie up like a wifi signal . HAHHAHHA

End of post!

Thanks to Yaasui again for the great great night!!!!!!!!

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