Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Korea Day 2 & 3 [ JEJU ISLAND ]

Alright! welcome on board again! Today we will take train to shopping and shopping and shopping. Lol no la.. Today morning me and my sister can shop around in Seoul first, then only we head to Icheon airport to pick up my mommy and aunties in the afternoon. then we will take Jeju Airplane at Gimpo airport to JEJU ISLAND! YEAHHHH!!! Dress up prettily and pose in the train. Seems like no one want to care about me. LOL

Look how tan am I!!! Korea is damn HOT!!! hotter than Malaysia! No kidding!!! But the fact is I actually walk the entire half month at overseas. China, Singapore and then Korea. All the hot sun is killing me, and I am lazy to apply sunblock. LOL whatever. Tan can be beautiful right!? #selfcomfort

Me and my Ah Jie from yesterday camwhore. LOL

 While taking train to the Airport. I don't know why is the weather in Seoul is always hazy. You cant see the view perfectly clear. is either like dreamy kind of view or hazy view.

Jeju Air to Jeju Island.

We stay at You & I Guest House. Pretty nice and good service. Recommended!!! and it is close to all the restaurant and public transport.

It takes an hour to Jeju Island from Seoul. We arrived at night. So we ended our 2nd day with this very nice pancake recommended by the owner of our guest house. We couldn't order much food because they don't understand our language at all -.-

Just a random camwhore to start on my new day.

The 3rd day. We had planned to Udo Island by taking ferry. Look at the car queue. it is all queuing to get into the Ferry. Jeju is pretty large land. It is 3 times bigger than Seoul. So we rent a car driver to drive us everywhere. If not our legs are definitely gonna break.You can also see Jeju is super super duper sunny! HOT HOT HOT!!!!

One of the jetty view from our ferry.
It cost 10,500won to buy the ferry ticket to Udo Island. Around RM32.

Arrived at our first destination.Udo Island. Finally a windy place!!
Took my outfit of the day here too. tank top, chiffon flare pants, slippers, hat, backpack and sunglasses. Just another typical tourist look. lol

 Nice view right?

I miss that place now T.T

Along the road in Udo, you can see people riding bicycle and ATV to explore the island. You can also take their bus to explore the island but it might take some time to wait for the bus. and we had our own driver. so we only takes 2 hour to explore the island lol. Thanks to our fast tour guide.

ATV ride.

Many horses at Jeju too! They say they eat the horse too 0.0

In Jeju, they are famous with orange. They produce a lot of orange here. So we had their ice cream too! :-)

At a restaurant where they use these shells to decorate their place. With a tiny ducky on top of the shells. Can you see it ? -.-

 One of the nicest beach in Udo island.

Best place for family outing!
Look how happy and stupid am I. I just love how fake is the view behind me! <3

I'm a happy girl! My aunt was wearing my cap la. Not hers. haha but the Hello Kitty umbrella is hers. Her umbrella was just perfect when she arrived here. But after days, you can see her umbrella is totally spoil. why? see later. HAHA

Another beautiful view at the Udo Island.

It was so windy at that place! So nice!!

A picture with my mom and sis. Ignore my ala ala pose. LOL

Now you know why my aunt's umbrella is spoil. The wind is just too strong! But my mom exaggerate with her pose la. HAHHAHA

 WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So big pot of seafood hotpot. And this is only small size >.< I don't know whats wrong with Korean. Whenever we walk in to their restaurant and we order only a few of dishes. They are like, "hey that is not enough for you all to eat". But at the end we learn the lesson. Their food portion is really big. We really can't finish even this small pot of seafood pot. >.< Seriously, don't order so many dishes. Their food portion is really big. and I saw one of the Korean girl, she really finish one big bowl of rice easily. 0.0

The abalone is moving!!! Taste really good.
Recommended by the driver. So I don't know what's the restaurant name.
We just had the best lunch at Jeju Island.

After the super full lunch, we moved to this mountain named Seongsan Sunrise Peak.
The time of the sun rise here is fix in every different day. The time had stated on a stone.

A group shot with all my ajumasssss.. hahhaa with their stone grandpa. They believe they are their guardian in Jeju Island. They believe if you touch his nose, you will get a son. If you touch his stomach, you will get wealthy. If you touch his shoulder, you will get healthy.

This place is one of the 7 wonders of nature.

Walk this way to climb up to the mountain.

Pretty tiring after the long climbing on the staircase.
But it is worth for this beautiful view! breathtaking!

Jinja Daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 All ajuma's tired face! hahhaa
Oh ya, I changed my pants because I'm too hot. LOL
 Next, we had came to this place called Sopjikogi.
It had became tourist hot spot to visit after the famous Korean movie "ALL IN"

 The church.

 The wood carving photos.

 SO nice!

You can hear the wind is damn strong at this place.
So niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Spend our evening at this market after the long tiring day.
So many oranges selling here but their fruits is really very expensive. I prefer our fruits in Malaysia. Cheap and nice! YEAH!!!
We didn't eat dinner that night because all of us are still full due to the big pot of lunch. LOL

A short video that I make to summarize my one day journey by using instagram video.
I love how peaceful it is in Jeju Island. I just love nature!!

That's all for today's post.
Hope you enjoy my trip! hehe

Next post we will go to blablabla and blablabla place. Stay tuned!!
Love this picture because it is really sunny and there is no cloud at all!


Anonymous said...

Hi...its a nice post. May I ask how do you book a flight from Seoul to Gimpo (Jeju)? Through Jeju air web?
Thanks in advance. =)

Kittie said...

Hi! Thanks for viewing this post :-) my sister book the jeju air ticket through jejuair.net :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi~ Thanks alot for your reply! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, can i know the seafood steamboat shop name? :D

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