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RMK SS'14 Press Launch - Play On Pink

So happy that I get invited to RMK 2014 Spring Summer Collection press launch last Wednesday, 8th Jan, happened at Ploy @Work Clearwater. This time RMK come with the theme name "PLAY ON PINK"! I know most of the ladies out there are hardly apply pink color on our face due to our main concern "Asian skin color". Am I right? I used to feel no hope with pink eye shadow on my eyes due to my tan skin but after awhile I realize there's actually a few tones of pink are suitable for our skin color too! Well, this time RMK ss'14 is gonna teach us how great is pink for us ladiesssss!!! 

 I got my makeup from ColeTmakeup as usual! Today's our makeup theme is RMK look! Natural and simply impressive! From makeup base to loose powder giving a clean and fresh face! Most importantly, natural eyelashes without eyeliner! That's RMK! Love how light and easy is the makeup! Effortless!! <3

On that day we have makeup artist from Japan guiding us how to play on pink!
Julie Woon on the right, the sexy amcee of the day!

From baby pink, fuchsia, to rose. Pink is a timeless, feminine and empowering color we women monopolize. RMK's new Creative Director KAORI plays on this feminine hue with her first RMK collection that is a kaleidoscopic of light and color. 

The trio eye palette creates the seasonal prismatic finishing on the eyes, while a warm flush of pink to coral to contour the cheeks completes the look further. The lips are given a glassy make over with a selection of candy coating shades for the nails to complete the look.
(oh ya! I forgot to bring my camera on that day! Blurr pictures by iPhone! So Sorry ><)

Makeup Done!!

Group photo of Mr.Katsutoshi Kajino (CEO of Kanebo Cosmetics Malaysia Sdn Bhd) and Mr. Yasuhiro Nakamizu (RMK International Makeup Artist) with models! Thank you so much for giving such good talks to us! :-)

So glad to be here and get to know all the precious info of the new collection!

Picture with Ching An! The person in charge of RMK Malaysia.

As usual, the pretty Claudia, editor in chief of ! 

When come to food, I am too joyful for them!!!!!!!!! Non stop eating! Rawrrrrr! 

Two hungry ghost! Cole's troll  face. HAHHAHAHHA

Julie Woon also mad selfie with me! HAHA 

On that day, we also get to try all the new items in Play On Pink Collection! So happy!!

I got to say, I really really love this finishing powder!!! and also the Crayon & Gloss lips! 
It is all limited edition!! <3 <3 <3

RMK Kaleifoscope Nuance Color! 
This powder comes in 6 different hues designed to be blended for the perfect fit to your skin tone! The 6 shades are made from different textured powders of matte, and pearlescent, that work to deliver a perfectly calculated contouring on application with a brush. Choose from the highlighting Beige Pink, or the fresh Coral Pink for a flawless finish!!! How can this colorful palettes be a finishing powder!? That's too interesting for me! 0.0

My favorite lip gloss for now! It is not just a simple lip gloss! It is name RMK W Crayon & Gloss Lips!
It combines the matte lip crayon with a semi-transparent lip gloss into one. The creamy texture of the crayons will fit and glide on your lips for the vibrant coloration whilst the glassy gloss will perfect your juicy pout. Choose from the 5 colors of sweet Pink to the vibrant Cherry Red! So awesome!!

I got to say this is also a brilliant eye shadow! RMK Kaleidoscope Eyes! The playful eye palettes consist of highlighting pink bases with the layering of tonal shades in holographic pearlescent and glitter that change the pink hue underneath when diffused with light. Choose from the 5 variations in nude pink to cool pink, experience the magic and depth of each color to create your perfect looks for the new season!

Well, I had all these 3 items from their door gift! How lovely are them! I had tried them all too, very nice to use! Natural, fresh and fun that's what I can describe them! :-)

The only two items I am left out now! Must get it too! RMK Kaleidoscope Cheeks and RMK Nail Color Ex!

The bi-color palette blusher with a pure vibrant base shade and a shimmering lucent pearlescent shade. This cheek duo creates a flawless radiant definition by simply blending with the brush on the palette to perfect the fresh skin trend of the season. Choose from the lovely Coral pink or the Cool beige tone to complete your look!

and the 4 shades of Nail Colors are designed to "candy coat" your fingertips with the spring hues. Add the Base and Top Coat enriched with holographic lame for extra shine on the top, or use as base color beneath to enrich candy coat colors to shine! 

Went home and tried up the pink lip gloss. So natural and sweet! Love it so much!!

Outfits of the day: Philip Lim 3.1 shirt // Chalk Boutique netting dress // Shoes from China boutique // Nina Ricci vintage bag.

Lastly, a shameless video of me and Cole doing RMK makeup  First time, don't laugh! T.T forgive the low quality video, my poor chinese speaking and i know i looks fugly without makeup! Will improve our makeup and video technique! and of course will try to speak in english next time! >.<

(laughing at myself >.<)

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