Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Zakwan Anuar SS'14

No! Don't tell me Zakwan Anuar's show is over for like 2 weeks!! I just got my time to blog about this young talented designer's show and every moment is still fresh in my mind! I just got to admit that I am so so so stupid that I brought my camera without battery on that night. I still can't believe that I actually miss to take great pictures without my dslr in Zakwan's such huge show! *cryyyyyyyyyyy Luckily I still have my iphone5 baby (which take quite clear picture) to camwhore with people around. Lol

It's all about simplicity and effortless looks when it comes to Zakwan Anuar show! On the 8th of Jan, I was so glad to invited to Zakwan Anuar Spring Summer 2014. This was my first time attending his solo show. I always heard about how nice is his show setting and everything. It was held at this lovely place named KL PAC (Performing Art Centre), Sentul. It was a rainy night, but it doesn't affect the crowd from attending. It was total full house that night!! 0.0 So glad to be part of it!

This time, Zakwan wants you to experience the color of the ocean, the mud, the forest and the sunset! There were many different types of fabric in this collection such as jacquard, cotton, wool, silk, leather and hight gloss fabric! Different types of cut line was shown with a touch of futuristic silhouette!  He took so much risk yet he made everything looks so fine! That's Zakwan! 

One of my favorite look is the pajama-ish menswear. It was so refreshing and lovely at the same time. I actually love seeing man with shorts, they're sexy haha.... Voted for both look at the left too! Love the full PVC look and how the earth color palette working well together! Edgy enough that I wish to wear now! 

Alright, runway photos credit tonguechic , photograph by allisamazing.

Spotted a row of black shoes fashionista!

Alright! it's Kittie camwhore time! With the main character of the night, Zakwan Anuar!
Congrats for your new collection!! looking forward for more!

Fooddddddddddd served! My friend asked whether I come for food or the show.
Well, I do not know how to answer this. I love eating and fashion. Lol

With Jonathan Liang who surprised us out of suddenly from Paris >.<

My lovely ex classmate!!!!! Pei Yee, Debbie, and Jon. So happy to see them! No idea what they trying to make me pose! HAHA

As usual, the funny Silas with drunk face. HAHHA

Then Jiman join in. The extraordinary helpful PR of Zakwan Anuar!

The very Hiao Alexio and my handsome makeup artist, Cole Tan.

Photobooth with the pretty Cherrie and crazy Silas. haha

First face of Zakwan's show, Aaron Chan. EEEEeeeeeeeeee!

Reiko, one of the model from Zakwan's show too. Love her new hair cut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both stupid, Jon and Ezzati! They're just too funny together! HAHAHA

As usual, the simply glamorous Claudia! I hate how pretty are you Claud!!

Ashman with his new beard! Looking extra sexy! HAHAH

With Ridduan from TTFGA with "you can't stand with us" pose! LOL

With Nadia A.M ! She's my first classmate in college. Love how crazy she is!

with the bitch, Miriam Alegria! and Aidee in between. hehe
Photograph by Bibo.

With fabulous Putra, nice meeting you! :-)

Ethan and I were camwhoring and then Allisamazing photographer pointed his camera above our head. That's why my head turned up. lol

Another crazy and cute woman, Natrah Omar. haha

Cole still looking handsome while eating cookies. Lol

Love this picture of us shoot by Bibo!

Kacau the two boys who were chatting. lol
Keith and Cole.

With Ming, the legend of makeup I should say. He praised that my makeup is pretty on that day!
I'm a happy girlllllllllllllllllll!!!!

After event, went to yam cha with loves. Wearing Zakwan's doorgift Tshirt! So comfortable! WUhooooo!!!

A short clip of Zakwan's Anuar finale. That's the best shot I can do on that day with my iphone T.T
I had a great time here, thank you so much to the Zakwan Anuar's team who made the night so perfect!

(photo credit: Bibo Aswan)

ootd: H&M top// vintage earring and clutch// self made PVC skirt // 

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