Thursday, 4 December 2014


Although Hong Kong is listed as one of the busiest and stressful city in the world but I'm still so in love with this place. This was my 4th time being in here and is all because of work. The feeling of love is still here because HK is the first foreign country where I an took airplane to. This trip I was actually chilling around because my bf is bringing his college kids to explore the fabric market here. So I had a more serious time to take a look at the busy city. Was begging my lazy bf to take more picture of me with the HK view. One thing I love the most of Hong Kong is the packed buildings around the city. The view and architecture is just amazing. I don't know why, I just love how raw all the old buildings is. Is like it brought us back to the olden days. Art and architecture here tell you wonderful stories. What can I ask for more for this final month of 2014, just enjoy the view. All I need is just a relaxing trip this round.

Bye HK again!
Merry Christmas !!

XOXO! <3

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