Saturday, 20 December 2014

Stefanie Sun Kepler world tour 2014

So happy that I get to watch Stefanie Sun's Kepler world tour tonight!! She's not losing her charm even she had gave birth!! SHE IS SO PRETTY!!!!! I was so high at the concert because most of the songs she sang were our childhood memories! I shout her name so loud like nobody business. HAHHAHA  Love her so much, love the concert so much! One of the most exciting concert I've watched this year. Her styling from head to toe were awesomely good! The backdrop for her every songs were too cute and inspiring! Her dancers were too good with many different outfits. OF COURSE, her voice is amazing!!!!!!!!! What can I ask for more? Enjoyed myself from the beginning till the end! Wuhooooooooooo....I was still high at this hour, I wanna share the photos I've took just now. Hope you enjoy them and feel my high-nessssssss too! HAHAHA

I must said that everything in Stefanie Sun's Kepler world tour 2014 was super attentive! The organizer really did a great job!! Totally worth my night spending with Stefanie!

 also Thanks tp my Santa Claus, Cindy Gor for sending me an early present to enjoy this concert to the max!!!!! XIE XIE!!


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