Thursday, 4 December 2014

Skin Laser at ME Clinic

Ok.. this is gonna be some really ugly post. All my ugly naked face are shown in here.. so shyyyyyyy!!!
Nah... I'm not stingy to share about my ugly face to you because there are no ugly woman in the world, only lazy woman. I've been asking by many people how does my face changed after my laser treatment. Here I am to share with you again from the day one of my laser treatment to the recovered daysss...

Ok, I must repeat again I have bad skin. Most of my pictures can't tell because I beautify it.. MUAHHAHAHHAHA After you see pictures below, you won't believe all the girls picture out there anymore HAHHAHAHA

Ok back to topic, I have very bad skin. Yea, every friends of mine know about my skin. I think one reason is also because it is in my gene. My siblings all have serious skin problem than me. I had very serious big big big pores problem since the age of 10.  Believe it or not, the pores actually getting bigger and bigger day by day, years by years. I think my face gonna be a big hole if I still don't do something with it. Besides pores problem, I also have non stop growing enzyme on my face! I'm cant deal with it anymore!!!

I had tried many many thousandsss millionssss of products and facial treatment. It still doesn't help! All these year, my bank account was 0 because I spend a lot on my skin. And my stupid skin insist to stay as worst as it can be like forever. GGgGGGgggRRRrrrr (when I think about it I'm angry again! Skin why you no sayang me!!!!) All this while, I've been pointing my face down when I talking to people. I have low low low low lowwwwwwwwwwwwww self esteem. (Don't see me dress up nice nice means I'm confident, it still can't help me with my skin problem. wuwuwuuwuuw cryyyyyyy)

Till then, my friend intro me to Aesthetic Clinic. YESH!!!!!! Thank god for saving my life. I went to Me Clinic, which is an aesthetic clinic which also helps enhance face features/beauty. Doctor suggest me to do laser. I've been hearing a lot of bad comment of laser treatment. Most of the people told me that skin laser harm your skin, it thinning your skin la.... making your face grow black spot la.. blablabla.. all kind of bad comments. At first, I was a bit worried to try. But come on! If I don't try anything new to save my skin, I gonna be low self esteem forever!

So yea, I DID IT!!! Thanks GOD!
The result turns out really good! Pictures below are my skin condition in 7days after skin laser treatment (CO2). Sui sui ar.........
Day 1! Which is the first day I did laser treatment. This picture was taken right after my laser treatment on the patient bed. Reddish of course. That's why you need to wear a mask to protect your skin after laser. The feeling right after the laser treatment are a little painful, burnig, and uncomfortable. It feels like you gonna burn your whole house too.
Day 2. Reddish is getting more visible. and the boxy boxy shapes of the laser became visible too.
No more feeling. just feel a little annoying when you look at the mirror. It's so yong sui, so better stay away from the mirror in case you turns emo.
Day 3. Your skin is almost cooked! reddish turn brown. which is a good thing! That means your skin is gonna peel soon! Oh ya, I drew eyebrown and apply lipstick because I still need to meet people when I go out. Not recommend to apply makeup that will touch your skin. So behold!
Day 4!!! Lai liao lai liao!!! The dead skin is started to peeling! blackie blackie red red, all are coming off. Feeling freaking awesome!!!!!!! Don't scratch them! They will fall off themselves! If your hand is itchy, scratch your ass only, not face.
Day 5. It is still peeling. It is getting better and you can see my skin is getting brighter and smoother.
All my pimple marks are started to faded away. SYIOK SYIOK AR!

Yuhoo!! Day 6. I need to go work already! So you actually can put some light makeup already. Your skin will not be that perfect when you makeup bcz the dead skin will make your powder stuck/clog.

Day 7! OK! This is the day where you can fly away and keep showing people that your skin is doink doink!  

After laser thoughts: 
Obviously, it does minimize my pores. But I need to go for a few times more to get the perfect texture of skin! Compared to last time my pores was much more bigger, my pimples were much much more irritating. After Laser, I realized my skin is not that oily anymore. white heads started to grow lesser and lesser. I used to have very dull skin, my skin is brighter and more even after that. Also, A good skin is the main key to best makeup! My makeup is much more absorbing compared to last time! Very satisfying! No pain no gain! Now I really understand this quote!

How to take care after skin laser:
- wear mask to protect your face if you really need to go out.
- avoid sunlight for a week.
- wash your face with only water. If you really want to use cleanser, use the mild and non alcohol skin care. or else, it will make your skin feel even more painful.
- eat clean can helps for better effect
- recommended to apply aloevera gel every night.
it helps speed up your skin recovery.
I even apply it every night before I sleep until the next morning only I wash it. It is really good for recovery skin.
Who needs skin laser treatment (CO2)?
- Dull skin

- Freckles
- dark spots

- pimple scars / injury scars
- big pores
- acne

- thick skin face people.
HAHHAHAHAH just kidding (recommend them to skin laser if you really have a thick skin face friend. they're annoying. I know)

What you can do after skin laser:

#nofilter selfie send to your friend or stare at people confidently.

Light makeup selfie with many patterns also no problem.

act sexy and selfie under the sunlight! No problem! I used to really scare of facing people when there's light! When I go to restaurant, I refuse to sit inside instead of outside because the lighting inside restaurant is always too bright! I know pimple skin people will understand me. Too low self esteem to look at people. T.T

Blink blink blink! Doink doink doink! YOu can ask the DSLR to come closer to your face now. 

Send kisses into group chat. HAHA

Ok, Let me introduce you my  handsome doctor now:
apa apa skin problem, please find him. 
anything that you not satisfy with your face features , find him also! 
nose flat flat? find him. eye small small, find him. big big face, find him! find him! find him!

He give you the best consultation and he is super friendly!!!
Also, don't forget to mention my name to get discount/best price! 

Don't be shy.......
Doctor Eric only wants to help you to rebuild your confidence.
“A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, but a beautiful woman with a brain is an absolutely lethal combination.” - Prabal Gurung.
Let's be the woman who are beauty at inside and outside :)
Now I can look at people confidently! Teeeheeeeeeeeee...............
Call ME Clinic to make appointment/consultation at:

+603 2143 3866
+6018 2228 122
instagram: @meclinictimessquare

Next post, I gonna talk about my nose.
Stay tuned!!!!!!!



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