Saturday, 27 December 2014


I'm always proud to have graduated from Raffles Design Institute. This college actually led me to where and what I am now. Feeling thankful :) So there were no surprise to me that Hues KL, organized by Raffles FMM student was a success. I enjoyed my night at Hues exhibition that was held last weekend at Rooftop, Avenue K. 

HUES is a 3 days ongoing exhibition, gathering creative individuals from different categories together under the same roof. These includes fashion, photography, fine art, music, film and food art. This event plays as a platform for hidden local talents to showcase their work and definitely a great opportunity to create awareness and raise reputation for them.

I was lucky that I'm part of this event. I get to showcase my work along with other designers, Kelvin Eng and Sugee Wee, also the talented Headgear designer, Bremen Wong! Beside designers, artworks by photographer- Bryzoid and Jeremy Choy, Graffiti Art, Cloakwork, Music- Dae Kim, Video Visual- Screw The Box TV were also showcase at HUES. There were live performance that brighten up our night too.

A very strong entrance with all the super cute purple armies!

Welcome welcome.. AHAHA

My design can be seen right at the entrance. :) With Aaron......

Bremen Wong sifu! Had my cupcake and stain my shirt in red on my nipple spot. LOLLLLL

The boyzzz....Photographer - Jeremy Choy, Aun Chua

Kinky's team - Joesy and Sweet Ee!

With the cute cute Mina!

Calvin Cho! One of the organizer of this exhibition.
Thanks to him, I got to showcase my collection here beautifully :)
Calvin and Juno.
Lullaby is too sexy! I'm so Should be jealous.. HAHHAHA

Hot chics!

HAHAHHAHAHA Mrmoneywang's specialty! Roll eyes!

Sugee!!!!! Always adore her hair.. HAHA and her beautiful drawing!

Me with my tiring smile because it've been a long day working. lol

Some pictures HUES took for their exhibition. Totally amaze by their work.
Teacher please give them higher score la..  So hardworking le!

Sugee Wee's!

Kelvin Eng's!

Thanks for everything! I'm happy to be a part of it and so proud of y'all HUES!!


Also! I just received a new laptop as Christmas present from my bf!
I'm so happy!!!! Finally I can stop using my super lag and old laptop.
Maybe I can do more video with my new laptop now!
I'm excited to use it!

Stay tuned for more projects from my new Macbook. HAHAHA
Sorry I'm too happy, this is what I always longed for.
Hope you happy together-gather with me! :))))))))))

Merry Christmas & HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRR!!!!!!!


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I love the polka dot dress- so cute!