Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Pradasphere exhibition

Was so lucky to bump into Pradasphere exhibition at Hong Kong this round. So excited when I knew this exhibition was here! always happy to see inspiring exhibition from designers! It's all about how they began their brand and the entire process to be a successful designer. All of the precious memorable pieces of Prada were shown in Pradasphere. Maybeeeeeeeeeeeeee somedayyyyyyyy I can too.............. Sorry la...let me think big awhile la.. HAHAHA

Pradasphere, is a special exhibition exploring the universe of Prada, is unveiled on November 18th in Hong Kong, situated on the top of Central Ferry Pier 4, housed in custom-built structure covering the entire roof of the pier.

Debuted in London in May 2014, the exhibition traces the multivalent obsessions of one of the world's most iconic brands. Revolving around diverse references and influences, heritage and history, the iconic and the idiosyncratic, Pradasphere portrays a disruptive approach to design, style, art, and culture that is unique in the world of fashion today.

The Spring/summer 2012 collection took on the taboo of feminine sweetness by looking back to simpler times and literal power dynamics. The nostalgia of 1950s hot-rodding translated to toy-like heels and handbags tricked out in chrome, tailfins, headlights, and bold color combinations cherry and bubble-gum pink, buttercup and sky blue, green and black  that explore industrial design's sexual drives.

Industrial molding becomes another tool of the atelier in fall/winter 2012 styles that encase traditional leather lace-ups and Mary Janes in extended rubber soles for an effect that is both athletic and alien. The handmade uppers were glued to their synthetic bases, creating a barrier but is prophylactic in its imperviousness.

Across seasons and years, Prada continues to return to and elaborate upon a series of classic handbag styles in rich neutral tones. The creative variations - appliqued roses, ostrich leather, graphic accents, a vintage automobile rendered in saffiano leather - follow the rhythm of the seasonal collections while never entirely breaking with the past. 

Big book of Prada

The thorny vines and delicate flowers that bloom regularly on Prada footwear can be traced back to their progenitor: a chunky-heeled Mary Jane in antiqued tobacco leather embroidered with floral garlands. "This iconic shoe from the fall/winter 1996 collection went on to breed gardens of leather rosettes, lacquered deco blossoms, autumnal leaves, and stylized Japonalserie dasies that colonise futuristic geta sandals.

Typologies: Figuration
A print is a blatant act of superficiality. The design floats on the surface, hardly penetrating its textile substrate. It's all signification, no substance. Prada uses print as an overt form of representation: a game of reference and illusion. A pattern can instantly evoke a bygone era while being entirely of the moment. Outright deception is often required. At close range, some moires, pleats, and camouflage reveal themselves to be computer-generated fakes: the accidental turns out to be deliberate.

Guipure lace dipped in silicone.

Was really fascinated by Prada exhibition!
From workmanship to actual piece, all just makes me feel amazing!!!
Hope you enjoy Pradasphere exhibition as much as me too! :-*



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Those flame shoes were so cute. Never seen anything like them before

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