Monday, 15 June 2015

6 reasons pocorn is my perfect date!

Talking about popcorn, I’m a real fan of popcorn. kekeke……….No matter what kind of movie date, I need popcorn. if not I might fall asleep halfway through the movie because my body starts to relax whenever I sit down. lolll So yup! popcorn fanatic here! Lol. 

Do you know the feeling of whenever you pick up your popcorn to your mouth, and when u munch it, you find that there’s no sweetness in it!? you know how I feel!??!?!??! So downnnnnnnn………. So i always have this bad habit in cinema which is on my phone light in the popcorn box and I will only pick up the popcorn which is fully coated with caramel. so meaning I never concentrate on my movie but to keep my eye on popcorn. HAHHHAHAA and the remaining will just stay at the bottom forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa MUAHHAAHHAAHAA

I was really lucky enough to get to know about Perfecto Popcorn last week. They just launched a whole brand new Popcorn and I heard it is freaking good! I have tried them and I’m here to tell you why you should eat themmmmmmm!

1. Perfectly coated popcorn
Of course, each popcorn kernel is coated with sweetnesssss. My favourite! Now I don’t need to waste any uncoated popcorn and have leftovers in my popcorn box. lol Are you the same with me??????

2. Not one, two but THREE flavours
They come in 3 flavours which are Ultimate Caramel, French Vanilla, and Chocolate in Love! 
OMAIGADDDDDD……movie will not be boring by only die die eating one flavour. Typical Malaysian have many taste bud. you know laaaa… you get to you have 3  flavours. haha

3. Ideal, small-packaged but packed with extra goodness
Lol you know hor when you eat a big box of popcorn, you gonna feel 
extremely bad of yourself (read: fat) the next morning. but every pack of Perfecto popcorn comes in a size which is just right for you! You won’t over eat or less because the whole pack of sweetness is just right for an entire movie duration!!

4. Get it anytime, anywhere
I remember last time we can only get popcorn at the cinema even when I’m craving 
for it. But now, popcorn chains are growing and you can even get the Perfecto Popcorn at any 
convenient stores!!!!! I’m a happy girl~~~ I think next time I can Dabao them for my trip niao~~ eat them in the plane, I need to keep eating to chill myself. lol

 5. Your perfect companion
Because it is one of the best snack to bite while you are boring watching TV and reading books. It’s a must for me to grab something to eat when I watch TV and reading books. Yea, so you know me now… hahaha buy me all popcorn and I can shut my mouth for whole day… Lol
6. Eat and drive, safely
Can drive and eat safely! HAHA I think I am forever driving because of my busy schedule! whenever I drive I eat. Lol even chicken rice I can eat while I drive. I know it sounds dangerous. From now on, I will just bite popcorn yo˜˜˜˜˜˜!

Are you craving for a Perfecto Popcorn like I am now? Buy and try them now! YUM YUM!!!!!



Fara Queen said...

Be careful whenever you eat while driving, pretty!

Illy Ariffin said...

n now im craving for it tooo haahahaha :)

Chelsie Ellise said...

This popcorn is yummy :)