Monday, 22 June 2015


Do I looks like I just had some big surgery because of this wrap??? HAHAHHA Nahhh!! it's not a wrap. Now you don't need big surgery to change your outlook already! It's a slimming band from MASK HOUSE!

MASK HOUSE devotes to developing mask material, function, design of masks in order to cater different skin types and their needs. After years of unremitting efforts, Mask House have been fully recognized as KOREAN MASK EXPERT!!

So I got myself some real nice mask that highly recommend by celebrity.
I love this mask! it gives you hydration and also massive amount of essence! Most importantly, I think my skin feel so comfortable after that. I wore my makeup after mask, and my makeup stay all day long!

This is the major product I like!! Diamond V Fit Mask! This is totally a women's treasure! We all women need slim face!!! Besides V shape face, it also helps face slimming, lifting and mosturizing!! 

Before the slimming band, use this V-fit mask!! This mask is crazy! I feel so warm and I use it! It helps to burn fats and also make your blood circulation flow better! Damn good right!!!

Slimming band is extra point to make your face even tighter and lifting! WUhoooo!!! I can feel my face is getting smaller hahahha

Measure your chin line after 30minutes of V masking! I got 1cm smaller!!!! Amazing!!!
I feeling good good! I need more chine! No more double chin plssss!!!

This beauty product is really convenient! Now I can slim my face without exercise my face already. hahha lazy people like me should use this everyday everywhere no matter what I do. LOL

I even wear it during my nappie time. Let me become the most V women in the world when I go out pleaseeee!!!

Oh ya... if you r a guy and you like V face too, try this too!!! now everybody can be handsome boy and pretty girl!!!!

Now, good thing come to all of you who read this blog post!
Mask House is now having a contest and the prizes is:
- 1x Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask (consist of original pack 5 masks + 1 band) worth RM129
- Mask Refill Pack (5 masks) worth RM89
- Celebrity Hydro Gel Masks (1x Snail Mask, 1x SYN AKE Mask, 1x Bee Tox) worth RM69

How to join????

1) Share this blogpost on your Facebook wall
2) Share the contest post from Mask House's Facebook page
3) Like Mask House's FB page
4) Answer the question in the comment box of Mask House's Facebook page's contest post(here)!

5 sets will be given out to the lucky winners.
Open to all Malaysian only! 

Any inquiry, email
Official website :
Malaysia Sole Distributor: GK & Yap Trading
E-Shopping Website: 



Rugile Rarelyte said...

Very strange thing... I have used some similar swimex products but they looked somehow more appealing to me... Are they effective? What is re results after these?

Blogger said...

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