Thursday, 25 June 2015

Airasia Free Seats!

 I barely remember when was the last time I travel with my family. My parents couldn't afford to send all of us to travel overseas, so we only went to the beach for short trip but it was still feel amazing for being together! I miss those time. When I was really small, I don't understand why people have dreams such as travel around the world, I hate travel the most among my family members. Why? I hate to pack and unpack stuff. I hate to being scolded by mama after travel: "why won't you wash your own undies???!" blablabla... Everything is a mess when travel ends. LOL 

Then.... I grew up! I grew up with the most chances of flying around the world among my family members. This is all because I have a lovely bf, blogging platform and of course AABC. Since then, travel around and running the earth had became one of my biggest dreams in my life besides designer la...I want to leave my mark all over the countries, learning and gain more inspirations for my design. haha... 

I think one of the best thing in Malaysia is we have Airasia low cost flight few years ago. The first time I travel to overseas was 19. It was to Hong Kong. There's my most fantastic time because it's my first time taking the plane! Now I have already 25. I dreamt to bring my whole family to travel overseas ever since my first trip to HK. anywhere. as long as we are together. Somehow, I realize that's too much commitment after working in this society. I still can't afford to pay my whole family a trip. Feel total uselessssss T.T 

Thank god. have free seats now! I want to bring my family to the far far place! as far as away from home! For family sake, I must travel with them in 2016 as my parents are growing old! I'm so worried they can't walk properly when I'm too late to afford to buy my whole family flight tickets. I want to bring them to see Sakura in Japan!!! It's Japan biggest festival to go isn't it?! I think sakura festival is the most suitable days for my family! We need to slow down our foot and enjoy every wonderful views in Japan. I can't wait anymore as I had already imagine myself and family picnic under sakura trees! 

When I was small, my dad always bring back some japan cookies for us from his company trip. He always tell us about his stories with sakura and Japan. All we can do were just imagine the scenes. If he gonna go there with us now, I can imagine him keep texting and sending pictures showing off his enjoyable life with family to his friend's group chat. LOL Because he is always proud of his filial and good children. hahaha Not saying I'm good just that my dad always think so LOLLLL >< 

Also, I heard him saying he miss Fuji mountain T.T Ok dad, I gonna bring you there soon so we can view together :::))))

For my mom, I gonna let her sit aside the Sumida river. There's where all the cherry blossom along the river bank. She enjoy watching views slowly because she doesn't have good eye sight. She can spend whole day watching cherry blossom and eating all her own handmade healthy food. I assume she's gonna be really happy to see sakura because my dad hasn't bring her to Japan yet asides from all his japan stories.

My sister??? She love to see handsome boyssss. She always tell me here got hemsem boy there got hemsem boy. lol She's been to Japan for few times already and still in love with Japan. She love shopping and watching handsomesss.. Even she's back to home, she still watch all the Japanese travel channel non stop....Tokyo is where's the right place she should stay at! I wanna go there with her! I wanna see her eyes looking around handsomes and beautiful dresses that made in Japan. It's gonna be fun!!! Oh god please let her find her true love soon at this beautiful city! 

Poor brother never go to any countries before and he love anime so so so much! It would be perfect if he can be at his dream place - Akihabara (Anime Center) in Tokyo!!! I remember he love reading Detective Conan, Doraemon, One Piece and Naruto comics every night before he sleep!  I swear! He will never come out from the center once he had enter until the shop close. LOL

How about me??? i gonna eat all the salmons in Japan especially Hokkaido! They are well known in marine products! SALMON IS MY FAVORITE FOOD! I need to eat the super fresh salmon meat in Japan!!!!!! #YOLO !!!

Of course, I need to see Japanese fashion and culture in real for once in my life! They are just too influential in the fashion world! GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Japan is just the RIGHT destination that cater to all my family members! and of course, no matter where it is, let me and my family travel to overseas together once in my life time! Please please ! give me more free seats!!! *puppyeyesssss


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