Thursday, 18 June 2015

Nah, I'm Fine! :)

I have reached to a point where I think I am more enjoyable back then when I'm still a kid without worries. I know I might looks really relax and happy always but I'm still a human. I have feeling too but I know how to deal with it or hide it sometimes. I'm finally feel the pressure now. There's so much commitment to be an adult. Recently, I have so much works to do especially my brand, blog, etc...Everything is getting bigger when people started to look up at you. You just don't wish to disappoint them.  and there's where my pressure come from. 

I started to miss the time when I can simply write my blog content and sew whatever I like to myself.  But everything is about money after you grew up. You need to find a way to cover your living cost and pursue your dreams. I still can't believe I have grown up >< Now I'm dealing with the society already. omaigaddd... I know.. Everything gonna be fine. I just wanna shout out my feeling and hope everybody who's like me gonna be fine too!

Stay positive, that's all we need! 
Whenever you are upset, think! there's a lot of people who dealing the same problem as you!
You are just the tiny little dust in this whole universe. Minimize your problems.
You will see every goodness in everything!

Trust me! We are all a blessed kid! <3
God bless we all! :)

Presenting you my favorite time travel photos to the ancient chinese building in GuangZhou! 

Good night!


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