Wednesday, 13 February 2013

14/2 Valentine's Day.

It's too shy for me to show jar of lovesss to my babe on Valentine's day. However, I still gotta do something. So I had prepare a short love story of us by simply sketching instead of putting our life photos. Since young, I love to sketch whatever I like. thats the true side of me. I Guess this video would be my really sincere sketch this time. hehe..

This story is about how we know each other until now. I was the one who attracted by him at first in the college. We started to be friend after some chit chat and eating session. We became best friend after we found out we shared the same interest. Everyday we meet and bully each other like a children. After some time, some kind of love chemistry came into us. HAHA we changed to be lover automatically since then.

Together, we have million topics to chat. Together, we have so much happiness. Together, we want to travel to more countries. Together, we live in our very own world. I'm way too much naughtier and dumber compare with him. He always get so frustrating with my action and stupidity, but he will still patiently explain things that I don't understand to me. At the end, he will still laugh at my stupidity instead of getting angry. haha. He is a lover that don't drink, smoke, and clubbing which is really rare to see among guys now. O.O I appreciate a guy like him nowadays. Though, it is a little boring. haha but it's ok, I can change to  be a better girl because of him. He is not very rich, but he will try his best to give me everything that I really need. He's always my best audience and I'm his best entertainer. He always laugh so hard at my monkey show. I would like to do more monkey show and make him laugh forever because I really enjoy seeing his happy face :-) Sometimes we have some communication problems, ( such as he can't understand deeper meanings of chinese words and I can't understand deeper meanings of english. ) but we will try our best to fix it. Sometimes we argue about small things, but it will be fine after a few minutes because we really love each other. But...most of the time he was the one who always cheer me back :-) He take good care of me whenever I feel sick. He cheer me up whenever I feel sad. He fool with me whenever he feel bored. lol

Now, we have been together for 3 years, and this is our 3rd Valentine's day. I wish that my next valentine will still be him and forever. I ain't a sweet talker or a good writer, but this is all true story that I've been go through with him. All I want to say is, love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end. I wish everyone a very HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! To people without boyfriend or girlfriend, stay true in yourself too! Your love will come anytime! God bless you all! :-)

 Lovesssssssssssss y'all!! <3

Oh ya! My babe doesnt know about this video, is a little surprise for him. Hope u like it babe! Leave a comment to me if u had read this! :-) 


Peter Yeap said...

Oh, such a cute lovely story! You are such a good writer.. LOL.. :P
Btw, Happy Valentine's Day to both of you! Stay together and love each other forever ya!! xoxo

Suquan Kon said...

I love ur blog. N ur video! Felt happy watching ur video. Hope both of u stays tgt forever :)