Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Metal Matters

Chinese New Year is coming! O.O I did not shop for any pieces for CNY due to very tight budget. Cryyyyy!!!!!! Anyway, I always shop even it is not Chinese New Year. So it will be so fine to me! HAHA It have been awhile since I blog about outfit post. Yea, so today is about outfits. It's still gonna be my own cool and edgy style for this Chinese New Year. I would just pair all the metal colors accessories to match with my black outfits to shine on my relatives faces. so they won't ask why am I wearing black. LOL >.< Just kidding, I would wear any colors that is in my closet! Don't talk too much. Look at the pictures! 

Cheerful moment for coming Chinese New Year! Yeah! Halo aunty uncle! Ni Hao! 

Shhhhinggg!!!! Shine bright like a diamond!
 Interested people can buy the metal nails from me. email me:
never feel bored of HM x MMM Candy clutch too!

If you don't understand what I'm doing, click on this link.
It's beyonce pose, and I have no courage to put her photo beside me. if not I looks like errrrr! O.O
This pose almost break my waist and twist my thigh muscles. Lol

recent lovesssssss of Metallic material!
You can buy the shoes from me too if you like! :-)

limited outfit design by Roger Mah.
Chiffon Top with exaggerate metal zipper at the back. pairing with leather material on shoulder.
So cool yet so sexy! O.O. 

No idea what I'm doing. exercise I think.

Make up of the day. Love the recent Clio eyeliner from Vivi prize and Lee Hyori is the ambassador, the super gorgeous korean star. Will do a review soon about the eyeliner! SO NICE! Also love the Chanel orange lipstick from recent buy. Something sexy that I won't miss out for this hot summer! Colors is my life!

Ok. End of the title.
Take good care of own health especially in such hot weather on Chinese New Year!
88 lovessssss! 

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