Sunday, 3 February 2013

ViVi Fashion Party

Finally is the end of Vivi Malaysia Star Search 2012 competition. Thanks for everyone who voted for me, who helped me to share it out and who came to support me on the fashion runway. No, I did not win, do not feel sad for me. HAHA Even so, it is not about winning, the most important thing is I gain lots of experience and met all the awesomely pretty vivi finalist, and of course all the very nice organizer, hairstylist and make up artist. :-) I have more friends now!! Worth all my time spending with them! And I will still carry on my style for people who love me! Muackssssssssss!! :-*
Vivi party and fashion show was held at Butter Factory last Thursday . Came here early at 5pm to be prepared for the show with my fluffy hair. lol Oh ya, prepare to see all the camwhores picture. Too much pretty girls to intro on that night! 0.O HOHOHOHOHO Even though please read until the end! I have something to give out to the lucky one. :-)

The sexy woman, Caster who turn her head when I called her.
Look how pretty is she even in a candid shot! AHHA

Lumi's in her hair setting. She says her hair looks like some seaweed due to her green color hair.

Hairdo by Hikky and Suki from number76 style before the makeup. 

Ding ding!! My hair do and make up! Thanks for Clio for the lovely makeup. :-)

I think I looks like a fox. pretty fox. HAHA

Camwhoring with the girls after make up, no I mean they are my background. 0.O
They might kill me when They read this. HAHHA

Hello! say peace to camwhore lover! :-0

I'm handsome and I know it! 

Caster with her barbie doll hairdo! LOVE IT!

Everybody busy doing their camwhore pictures after the makeup and hairdo. HAHAHHA

The night has come! We are all sitting in a lounge and waiting for the show to be start! So nervoussssssssss!!

Introducing people who came to support me! My Lover, Chow. Yea, he wearing pink jacket again if you noticed. -.- I ask him why, he answer me because he want to match with my pink hair. LOL

Berry the sexy bee bee! 

Situ Damian, the very handsome molel! (model i mean) haha

Foong Jun Yih from Melbourne.

Jia Ji, bee bee's boyfriend.

Christina Kuan my awesome and pretty Da Jie!

William, the Da Jie's handsome boyfriend. :-)

Kelly Jie Jie. :-*

Charlette Wong the great friend! 

My girlsssssss..... I think I missing Karyan's photo.
Don't know why she keep moving in the picture. Can't find a proper one for her. HAHA
So sorry!

Now, picture with all my Vivi girls. If you think I had too much of camwhore pictures, skip it. HAHA
Introducing Vivian Gan the cute girl with big eyes.

Lumi Chuah Xin Wei. One of the top 3 of the night. :-))

Caster Wenorica Chong, such beautiful name! One of the top 3 of the night too!

Reiko, the runway model!

Veeiean, the cool and rock girl!

Neve. She got very fair and beautiful skin! 0.O 

Yumi Lin, the cosplayer. She got a very comic face! 0.O

Wen Tung, the sweet and silent killer girl. 

Yushi Chan, one of the top 3 too! She is so beautiful and cute!
The one who kill my eyes when the first time I saw her. O.O


The show had start....

Not much pictures on the stage. Will see it when Vivi post the photos on facebook! :-)

The three pretty girl girl who won the top 3!
They got the prize worth RM3,400!
Whereas we all get RM1,700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not bad too! WUHOOOOO!!!!!

Prizesssssssssssssssssssss O.O
Special thanks to CLIO, NAGA Nail, Peripera, Blincon, Touch in Sol, Yume for all the lovely products!!

Party after the fashion show!

With Keiko, the Deputy Managing Editor and PohNee, the writer. :-)

Found this picture of Lumi very sexy, so I can't resist myself to post this. HAHA

With the two cutie pies, Vivian and Yushi!
Last picture of me dressing up with Chalk outfits, H&M x MMM Candy Bag and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Thanks to VIVI Malaysia for giving such big and pleasure opportunity for me to join this contest and walking on the runway. It is indeed a fun experience! :-) Love you all alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, I have something to give out to one of the lucky person who reading my blog!!!
Here's the whole set of Naga Nail products which I don't usually use nail polish and I don't wanna waste it by keeping it with myself! Why not I give to one of the lucky one? So, how to win this?? Very easy! Share my blog on your facebook and comment "done, (your facebook link)" in this blogpost. And I will select one of the lucky person? OK? If you love Naga nail and you want pretty nails on chinese New Year, please do not miss it!:-)  I will announce the winner after a week by facebook message! Goodluck love and Happy Chinese New Year!!!!! <3 


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Done babe! :3

Love your outfit loads!<3

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Done ;) ur my favorite blogger.. Muah

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Aw..I seriously hope that you were one of the winner ><
but i will still follow your blog! :D

ms.bulat said...

everyone looks so pretty. must have been a tough competition! thanks fr sharing! was looking fwd to this post: )

CINDY KHOO said...

Done~heehee!you are the best in my heart though you didn't won the competition,support you as always :D