Sunday, 10 February 2013

DuoGigs turn 23rd

It was DuoGigs's 23rd birthday on 9th Feb. We had a private dining session with them at Il Lido, KL. Il Lido is Malaysia's finest Italian Restaurant. Definitely worth going if you love Italian food! Let's wish the twins a very big blast birthday again! I wish them all the best in life with great boyfriend, great friends, great wealth, great beauty face, great travel and most importantly great health!! :-*

The pretty twins! Evangeline and Cherrie.

Duck Breast with Sweet Onions and Grain Mustard Sauce.

Wagyu Beef Cheek with Caramelized Root Vegetables.

Vanilla Pannacotta with Red Berries.

Some sweet and cute dessert for the birthday twins!

Dessert or twinsi?!

Birthday girls :-)

Their boyfriends.just kidding LOL
Jia Ji from top left, and Minfei from top right.

Chilling and bffsss.
This bar and restaurant is really a good place for you and your friends to date or chill :-)
Love the environment!

Went to the rooftop to camwhore after the dinner.

4 of us missing Angelyne again.

The love bird. Berry and Jia Ji.

stupid selca with berry.

twins twins twins.

Act like stupid in front of camera is always me. Lol

The looks of the twins. Check out this blogpost if you want to know what are they wearing.
What I wear that day. Lazy outfits. haha
steal boyfriend's H&M sweater, CDG inspired earring, jeans short from Dotz (sungeiwang 6th floor) and Alfio Raldo Shoes.

Done of the post! Wishes y'all a very Happy Chinese New Year!
HUAT HUAT togetha!!!!!!!!!

(P/S: the one who won the prize from my last Vivi blogpost is Lisa Chow. Don't be sad if you never get it ok? I will do more prize giving next time!! If you wonder how I choose the winner, it was me randomly select it by scrolling up and down when I closing my eyes-.- so it is purely by luck :-) Congrats Lisa Chow again! :-)

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