Monday, 18 February 2013

Goodbye CNY

I don't mind if you think I looks like a ghost in the first few photos. because I think that too. LOL Chinese New Year is about to end, so here is a little short update about my CNY outfits. As I said, I did not buy any new clothes for my new year. Until the very first day of Cny only I started to be panic. End up, I found out all the vintage pieces from my mom's closet and my own collection from overseas. Yea, so all my outfits for Cny are vintage! don't you think it's beautiful? haha.. It's simple to match and comfortable, most importantly it is a good idea to show a good image to your grandparents and relatives. and yes, they do like it. HAHHA "of course la aunty, these clothes are from your generation wan wert...." mumbling myself. lol Match with some modern accessories and shoes, it looks totally different and refreshing! If you realize,  all the pictures I have my hair up. I will never forget how ugly I am whenever it's Chinese New Year due to I am keep sweating and sweating, and my makeup melt. So this time, I have all my hair UP UP UP! Totally comfortable and looking still trendy! HAHA Agree not? Ok, end of the short post. Have a Happy Chinese New Year till Chor 15! Get more ang pao ok? XOXO! :-*

*all photos are from iphone5, lazy to take my dslr in this hot Cny. lol
*by the way, I have created a tumblr account for myself to post whatever photos I like, feel free to follow! :-)


Alexis☠Fabiola said...

Your makeup looks really nice :) I love those dresses. Cute post xoxo

Rima Tambunan said...

i love your style so much kittie!

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