Thursday, 21 February 2013

BANG! BANG! 70's!

"Erm................................What are you looking at?" I am waiting for the BANG BANG 70's to open La!!! 

NEH!!!!!!! THIS ONE LO!!! On top of my head!
"Errr.. No la, actually I was waiting to finish my drinks only I head up! Lol"

It was 2 months ago since I visit HongKong. I was hunting vintage shop while walking at this Hollywood road that full of artistic old buildings and creative shops. You will definitely love this area if you are an art lover! Will show more photos in my next post! :-) So I was attracted by this Bang! Bang! 70's Vintage Store that is located at Aberdeen street. You can see lot's of vintage bags and dresses hanging near the balcony from far! It has some totally different kind of outlook compared to others shops.

And you definitely will see this outstanding and amazing vintage Skyline on the road which is own by the vintage store's boss! It looks really awesome and well maintain when you pass by it! I can't stop staring at it! According to the boss, he said that he took around 4-5 years to negotiate with the japanese owner and brought this baby GTR Skyline back all the way from Japan. So impressive! You can see how much he love vintage from here!!!O.0

You can see all these vintage stuffs collection once you go up from the staircase!

Vintage bagsssssssss, glassessssssss, clothesssssssss, watchesssssssssss.......
Can you see?! or you had seen something you love here?!?!?

You can find all kind of bags here, included vintage branded bags such as Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, Bottega, bla bla bla...But those price are not kidding! They are all well maintain and beautifully gorgeous! all of it makes me faint..........I wish I'm a rich womaN!

The ancient CD player from 70's.

Another corner that full of accessories.
Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... The friendly boss who dress me up into a vintage lady look.
Do you know what I'm wearing?! It's Christian Lacroix suit !!!!!!!!! and vintage Chanelllllllllllllll!!!!!!!
Bare with my face that day, makeup less, sleepless. Lol..

Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! The owner! Parker and Michael that born on 70's! They are both siblings! They are so kind and friendly seriously!! You can find a lot of vintage clothing shops in Hong Kong, but you can't find much vintage store that are selling all kind of vintage stuffs like Bang Bang 70's!  One thing so special about it is they consists more stuffs origin from Hong Kong which can show off their 70's - 80's country style and cultural. Their passion to vintage stuffs are not kidding!! They started to collect vintage since they bought a Harley Davidson leather jacket. They fall in love in vintage since then, and they decided to open this shop to share their lovely stuffs with all the vintage lover since year 2006 until now.

The vintage well made Lacroix's suit and Chanel bag! 0.O

Checkers Lacroix skirt that matches the shoes and even the floor!!! HAHA
You might can find some really suitable shoes for yourself here! If you see my last post about Cny, the floral dress is from here! Lovely! isn't it?!:-) 

According to the boss, they said these kittys are their bosses. Name Ah Bang and Ah Bang! HAHA
Very arrogant looking kitty! haha

Very cute kitty ain't them?!?!??! Meow! Kitty's are Kittie's friend. haha Lame I know.

Feel free to visit Michael and Parker when you visit Hong Kong!!! XOXO!!!
(photo courtesy by Ketchup)

1st floor, 16A Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong.

+852 9045 8006


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