Monday, 4 November 2013

Chacott for Professional - Finishing Powder (review)

Haro all my lovely girls! I hardly share my beauty product here but I found this cosmetic which I think it is really good that I must share with you girls! or gay buddies... LOL. It is a product from Japan and as you know Japan always got the best cosmetic ever!! 

Girls always get to know the best information when they gossip with their friends about whatever stuffs. So
that's how I get to know this product from my dance performer friend. I heard this product is perfect for ballet dancer as it makes their makeup always fine. and stay whole day long!

Introducing Chacott for Professional - Finishing Powder, which officially became my favorite tool in my daily makeup!! This product was founded since long long ago. I'm so outdated that I only know it now.
(ps: No editing in this picture! NO!)

The perfectly fine finishing powder! I swear it give your face a super natural airbrushed look even the powder is white in color. It's actually translucent color [color code: 753]!! I had tried it on my forever oily skin! But my face never looks oily at T-zone anymore the whole day long!

Chacott is very famous japanese professional ballet Brand name. This finishing powder is originally designed for stage performers to resist their sweat and oil control. All the excellent feedbacks from celebrities and top models have made Chacott loose powder up to the TOP! Japanese Top 1 best loose powder! Also strongly recommended by 女人我最大 the beauty tv show!

Among all, Chacott finishing powder has been awarded to ranking No.1 Finishing Powder in two consecutive year of 2005 & 2006 in Cosmetic Award in Japan.

I got this huge tub of 170g Chacott from my friend who always travel to Japan. It only cost RM160. This big tub gonna take forever for you to finish it! It's really worth it!!! There's no way you can get this huge tub in Malaysia or others countries except Japan!

If you want it, please mail me at, as my friend already took a few tubs back in Malaysia due to a lot of people requesting her to buy for them >.<

 A video showing my daily makeup with Chacott finish powder haha. (Please don't laugh at my bad technique of video creation >.<) Normally I am so afraid to reveal my face to people under the strong sunlight because my pores are big!! So this is one of the reason why you always saw me in sunglasses >.< I have no confident to look at people at all!

Thanks Chacott For Professional for this amazing finishing powder again! Muah! :-*
Definitely suitable for a super hyper active me!!! LOL

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