Friday, 8 November 2013

Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion 2013

Another great night I had attended last night!!! Thanks to the invitation from Saito College, I get to view all the great shows at Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion 2013. It was the most exciting fashion competition presented by all the top 10 young designer finalists with the theme "French Masterpiece". All of them are going to judge by celebrities. among them are Gillian Hung and  designer Keith Kee. The winner of this year will get a 3 months internship at top fashion house in London, Recommended by Datuk Prof. Dr. Jimmy Cho O.B.E. How niceeeeeeeeeeeee!??!?! 

The theme of the night was "French Chic".
So I wore a dark blue checkers set from gap and nina ricci red sling bag to match with Kronenbourg's color palette too! haha with a touch of Louboutin from Paris >.< Don't you think everything works together? hehe...

oh ya, the super tall girl beside me is my stupid partner hahahha no la. Your very awesome designer, Alexandrea Yeo aka the fashion lecturer of Saito College aka the runner up of Project Runway Msia. haha

So glad that my boyfriend accompany me to attend event this time.
Because one of his student is the finalist too. hoho
met Zu Er. Runner up of Miss Astro 2011.

All my stupid companion. Sorry for all the ugly faces >.<
Keith Chee and Cole Tan.
Zoe and Katherine!

The huge runway. Feeling so awesome! The runway is in circle shape and everyone is like sitting at the front row. Yeahhhh!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Before the show. LOL
Cole Tan and Ivy Yee
Show started by Shin Mei Chian. Her collection is named Pure Evil. The concept are mainly from the theater performance, Tartuffe, meaning hypocrite in French. In her designs, you will see "an innocent appearance  cannot hide an evil heart".

Follow by the origami inspired collection, Ivy Kerk Mee Siang.
Taking elements of origami office building in Paris by Manuelle Gautrand Architecture to create all of her masterpiece!!

Starring at Michelle Soong's collection from Saito college. Came to support her! and Never disappoint me! The whole collection was inspired by Marie Antoinette's life from 18th century. People see Marie Antoinette  in a bad light and was misconceived as a bad person in the past so Michelle thought of to show the good and innocence in her! Love the whole collection because it was so joyful with the background music "elle me dit" by Mika and the overall looks on the models are too cute! Good presentation! <3
One of my favorite! No, I'm not bias! See it by yourself....... >.<

Followed by Alicia Ng Sheng Min. Black, grey and white collection. Love the way she use the macrame! 

Nigel Chia's collection! One of the collection was long awaited by my fellow friends. His collection was inspired by Phantom of the Opera, a novel by French. Presenting a contemporary look with a twist of modern silhouette in his collection! Creating dramatic look is one of his strength too!! Everything was well made and so well presented on the runway :-)

Spotted Gillian Hung in her french chic style. Like it! 

Here comes Lorenzo Peh's collection! A collection inspired by Claude Monet's paintings, which portrayed French women in heavy clothes. Exaggerate corsets are the main focus on the runway! Combination with sci-fi movie Prometheus, it gives both new and classic elements to the collection!

And here comes the winner's collection!!! Wuhooooo!!! Presenting Ellie Lim Mei Li's collection named "L'art". It was inspired by the Musee d'orsay, a railway station turned museum. The design are mainly focus on the shape and architectural details of the building and the important pieces of art in the houses. You can see many many tough works in her collection!!!!!!! 0.0 Brilliant work! Worth the price for her! Congrats to her!!

Another hard work collection! Simple silhouette yet showing structural works inspired by the building and architecture with a touch of Gothic style!! 0.0 Presented by Phuna Poon Yi! 

Stalking my boyfriend in the middle of shows. lol

Laura Yep Ai Mei's collection was inspired by the Notre Dame Cathedral. She was impressed by its powerful structure on the outside and how beautiful is inside.

Dinner is served before annoucing the winner!!!!!! SO MANY FOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD
I'm a happy girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy big eaters.

I'm eating away your favorite Eiffel tower chocolate!!!!!!!!!!! YUmmmms!!
I seriously bite a lot, and I ate half of it because of photo purpose >.< SO FAT!

Finale walk for all the models and designers.

Spotted the very sexy/ your favorite girl/supermodel Amanda Cheng! AHHA
Looking great in bob hair!

Poser in action again lol

While waiting results lol

Stupid faces overload with Alexandrea Yeo and the immune face of my boyfriend. He say he just wanna be a background lol

Congrats to Ellie Lim for the win!!! Have fun in London k!!!!<3

Stalking my boyfriend again haha

Aiks. what kind of creatures are we >.<
100% acting skill HAHA

Nicholas, the fashionista/photographer!

and posing with supermodel Josh ho.

Ok la.. One more shot in my cool look lol
I'm done for this post!! GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love this event! Totally enjoying it!!!

Thanks Kronenbourg!!!

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