Monday, 4 November 2013

G-SHOCK Shock The World Tour KL

Happy 30th Birthday G-SHOCK! The watch that I always wanted since young but I'm too poor for it that time >.< Feel so lucky that I get invited by Streething for this big celebration of G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary along with "SHOCK THE WORLD TOUR KL"! I had so much awesome time hanging around with awesome people! The event was held on last Wednesday at Chin Woo Stadium. It was such an entertaining night presented by all the awesome people such as DJ Eva T, Pop Punk Band: An Honest Mistake, Fashion Designer: Joe Chia, Irman Hilmi, Lah Lah Land, Julian Oh, etc. This event is all about pop art, music and fashion, everything that people needed in life ! Huge Love!!!

With all the leng luis, Leng Leng, Natsaw, Janechuck, Nana, and Cherrie. 

Big smile picture with your all time favorite blogger Janechuck behind me. Lol

Cherrie and Nana

My great companion again aka the awesome makeup artist, Cole Tan.

Too much photobomb behind us >.<

Dennis again! 

Another awesome fashion show by Joe Chia. Chapter 3.

The Father of G-SHOCK, Kikuo Ibe! Telling his lifetime story with G-shock. 
So nice!! Awesome history of G-SHOCK from him! 

Lah Lah Land presenting their superb loud color palette again! Love it so much! SOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dancing Perfomance.

With the amazing Sun Khiew.

The great stylist, Sam Ong.

happy act cute friends. Enzo, Sam Ong. HAHA

Lah Lah Land!

Peashon and the Panjang.
Can I have his hair pleeaaseeeeeeeeee..........

Sexy creature, ShiR Chong!
Brilliant Brandon Ong from Yaasui!

Aaron! Big Smile from us! HAHA


G-SHOCK by Joe Chia! so nice!!!

Great companions of mine, Keith Ong and Cole Tan.
 Cole and Zoe from Tic.

Outfits of the night.
Full Denim and a pair of fierce jeffrey Campbell with a touch of vintage hair bun fringe for such a fun and cooling night.
The end of the night! Thanks to G-SHOCK again that gave me such a fun experience!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday! MUAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


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