Sunday, 3 November 2013


If you followed my blog, you're not strange with Yaasui. They're getting more n more popular in town now. You will never want to miss their fashion party with all the amazing people. So glad that I had attend their Halloween party a week ago which named Yalloween held at Bistro69, KL. Dress myself up and I'm here with my white creepy dolly look >.<  Thanks to the dress from Alexandrea Yeo :-) Had a lot of fun there as  you can see from all the pictures below :-*

Guess who's beside me?
Man Chien!

Jane Lau, the DJ of the night!

The japanese mei mei, Cherriemun! 

English ghost, Nana

Chris Yong in full hot red suits! 0.0
Zoe in her cute pyjamas. haha

My companion at the back without any makeup. That's how scary she is HAHHAHA
and Fedward the vampire.

Love Sun Khiew's makeup so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Sailormoon, Ashley Lau!

Steph! so many creepy eyes! 0.0

Woman's all time "super hate!" Sanitary pad! 0.0

Brandon, the blackie that makes my hand turning to black! >.<

The cute cute Peas!

The amazing photographer from "All is Amazing". Cant wait for his photos to be publish!

Dennis Lee, beautiful skeleton outfit haha

Keith Ong. I forget what he wanna be already but turn out like 唐山藏! AHHA!

My beloved college mates!
Fedward, Lisa, Christina Kuan and William.

Mr.Cola, my beloved makeup artist


Michelle, William and Elvis.

Huan, the chinese bride! 0.0

Brandon's pants! >.<

The little ghost, Sugee Wee.

Hannah Mok! Her eyes makeup so nicee!!

photo courtesy of Tony Wong.
What can I say again? It's a fun fun night hanging out with all the amazing people again!
I want more, Yaasui!!!

More pictures, please visit:
Photohgraph by Tony Wong.

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