Monday, 18 November 2013

DEFINE Fashion Etc

Oooopssssssssssss! So many selfies to show you again! Pai seh pai seh! Yesterday was so fun with all the crazy awesome people in town!!! Attended to DefineFashionEtc at ImageRom Photography Studio. The event start from 4pm to I don't know what time, I left earlier than a lot of them. Lol  No dress code for that night! Everyone dress well to impress! Such a wonderful scenario.

Define is a lifestyle event brand that has brought many aspiring and exciting experiences throughout the years. It challenges you to discover life's urban recipe to F.A.M.E and express yourself.  F.A.M.E stands for Fashion, Art, Music and (Exciting)Etc! 

This event is strictly by invitation only. We all were so enjoy at the event by listened to musics, looking at awesome deco, drinks, taking pictures, chit chatting, watching fashion shows styled by Joe Chia, Tsyahmi, SilasLiew, JimanCasablancx and Yaasui (BrandonOng) that all featured Pestle & Mortar Clothing!!  Everything is good!!! I saw everyone in instagram was so happy with DEFINEFashionEtc!! 

Took picture in the rainny day when we arrived. Keith Chee, the photographer. 

Amanda Cheng, the supermodel.

Me, the golden flower Chunli HAHHAHAAH 
Took this photos at their photography corner HAHAHA
Ignore my stupid act cute face.....

no fancy outfit of mine to show you that night, so hope you love my stupid chunli hair :-)

Such happy blondies family were squeeze in this picture haha
This photography session are all taken by the one and only Bibo Aswan.
This are then gonna print out and to be post in facebook I think? Hope so.. hehe

Foodddddddddd........... Beers and cocktails are all served for free!

Emcee of the night, Patricia K, wearing Jonathan Liang.

The show starts with Joe Chia signature black!

Followed by the super fun Tengku Syahmi. Accessorize by The Extra Piece.

Then Silas, simply impressive collection.

Excuse our selfie in the middle of shows. Ezzati Amira love me too much!
I can hardly open my eyes. HAHHAHA

Jiman Casablancas's super bad girl and cool collection!

Yaasui, very sick collection! in a good way!


Big claps to all the awesome designers!
Joe Chia, Tengku Syahmi, Silas Liew, Arnold Loh, Jiman Casablancas, Brandon Ong,
and SunKhiew the sick kid. haha

Selfie time!!!!!! Don't we look so cute together? hahahha
With Calvin Cho.

Ai Leng, the celebrity and model!

Joe Chia and Ai Leng.

Sharinna and Joe Chia.

Deanna, Kat, and Ai Leng.

Photographer/Graphic designer, stupid Aun Chua.haha

Love this mirror! We both looks so nice in here! Peashon!

Picture with Nana, photobomb by Paul from Allisamazing.

Your pretty girl, Cherriemun.

Tukang Tangkap Foto Gembira Anda. TTFGA!Handsome Ridduan!!!

Miriam, spot his sexy diamond tattoo! HAHA

Local celebs/models, Ai Leng and Dian Sharlin.

With Joe Chia, photobomb by cherrie haha

Spot something on my head ok?
Found it?
My hair is smoking lol

The gonna be drunk soon,  Silas and Aida.

Lovely Claudia Low and my abang Tengku Syahmi.

Crazy people.

This photo was taken by the so drunk Aida. Why is it funny? hahahha because she took my camera so far away just to take half of our body-.- I actually told her to take full body. Anyway, still a beautiful picture with Silas haha

The crazy Crowd partying.

The crowd is totally in control by all the so calm DJs. HAHA

With the love, Zoe Ng and the boyfriend. And my lovely abang Tengku Syahmi too! <3

Sun Khiew, so sick Yaasui make up!

me and your awesome supermodel, Amanda Cheng.

Me, scandalous picture with your baby.

Me kissing your baby, Sorry! HHAA

Picture blurr with Aarong Chan n Amanda.

Love Sun Khiew legging!!!

Crazy Amanda and Sheena. Sheena got a long tongue to lick Amanda face. HAHAHHA

Hello Keith!

The cutie pie, Evelyn Goh 

Me and Cherrie again.

Joe Chia and Melissa.

Joe Chia smelling green. Lol

Sun Khiew and Joe Chia.

Joe Chia dancing with his pants.

same shoes with cherrie!! Jeffrey Campbell.

Me and Cherrie's double chins saying hello HHAHAHHA

end this post with stupid Brandon's cheongsam pose. HAHAHHAHA Always crazy. 

Everyone is crazy that night! Indeed an awe awe awesome night!!!! 
Thanks DEFINE!!!!
We love you!!!!


More about Define, please visit their facebook:

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