Friday, 6 March 2015

10 favorite things in 2014

Fuhhhh Chinese New Year had finally ended...Been doing my room cleaning last few weeks and realised I had too much rubbish that I never wanting to throw them away. I have feeling towards everything in my messy room. I remember how I get that every single item in my room. But there is always some favourite things in my life. and here's what my favourite things in 2014 till I realised I kept using them/doing it, or maybe you've realised I've been using/doing them? let's throwback: ><

1. White Shirt
I don't know why but I always in my white shirt. I getting more and more reliance on white shirt because I think it will never go wrong with any colour matching it or to any places. It can be either dressed up or down the same time. One thing I liked about it is that I think my face looks brighter with the white colour reflecting to my face. HAHA and the collar actually makes me look smarter and lengthen my neck. Now you know my trick LOL

Even on Tv, I wear white so my face looks brighter haha

Anywhere, everywhere in my instagram pictures.
Now I realiseeeee.............

2. Riri x Mac Lipstick and Mac Archy Girl Pink Lipstick
I TELL YOU AR!!!! These two are my super treasure! All thanks to my make-up artist/Uncle Cole for spoiling me. without lipstick I might die because my lips would always look pale without them. So I always said Lipsticks are my best friend instead of diamond. Lol. I used these two lipstick almost everyday! Also, it is my first time using Mac lipstick, I think Mac lipsticks are the most brilliant match for my lips. or maybe on your lips too? the colour could stay forever on your lips and it is not oily!it's just too perfect! LOL I'm not bragging or doing advertising. Just plainly sharing my thoughts.

Red red red. My favorite color is always red. cause they're too hot. LOL

I never thought that I can use pink lipstick all this while because of my tan skin! But this pink lipstick just suits my face so well.. I'm in love~ 

See la!! My pink lipstick is already gone because of me!! I'm so desperate to use it so I kept digging it with my finger n apply on my lips hahaha.. and my Riri red lipstick is dying soon too! 
Mr.Cole said I ate two lipstick in a year. HAHAHA

My makeup artist, where are yoU!?
I want manyak manyak lipsticks!

3. Chun Li Hairstyle
I've been tying this hairstyle for quite some time till I cut short my hair. I can't have my high up chunli hairstyle now ! T.T  I super afraid of hot weather, this hairstyle save me from hot weather also makes me looks a little younger and stylish.. HAHA Buay Pai seh.. 

Chun li Chun li~ wo ai ni ~

Can we be forever young with chunli hair? only in dreamsssss

4. Jeffrey Campbell
is it only me or what? I think this pair of shoes is so easy to do a mix and match for all my clothes! I think of the same theory as my white shirt. haha cause it never goes wrong with any other color outfits. Also, the 6" heels makes me looks even taller and longer. haha I don't like to feel left out in the crowd. That's why I'm always in platform heels or shoes>< now you know.........

Can someone please create more exciting platform shoes for people who short like me!???!?!

5. white bedsheet
White bed sheet is really good! because I can take picture of anything on my bed without any rubbish. So clean, and everything stands out with white background. So I do most of my things / product shoot on bed. LOL but one bad thing is, you can't wash off your period stain. ISHX ISHX

I miss my colourful print shirt dress T.T sold it during my 2nd Bazaar.
Owner of the shirt now, please take care of it kkkk sobs

All my products shoot muahahhahaha
I put everything on my bed until it is so dirty now ><

5. swimsuit
Love this bikini a lot! The fabric and the colours!
One of the best I have so far. It's from Triangl! This picture is also my favourite picture of the year.
also miss my slim body T.T I'm so fat now!

7. white bag pack
OKKKKK... I realized I have too much white stuff now..
It must be I'm too lazy to think of styling. So I get white to match with any outfits of mine. AHHA
It is so easy to carry and I put every rubbish of mine in the bag. I'm a messy person.. Now you know ><

I carry it whenever I go !
Must have bag pack for me now!

8. Sunglasses
I love this CEO.V sunglasses a lot! It's stylish and easy to bring around cause it is a fordable glasses.
It is made for sport people because it can secure well on your head and not easy to fall. Don't know what I'm talking about? haha look at it in youtube!

Ada manyak choices! Pick it yourself in google!

9. favorite pose
Don't know what's wrong with me. I fell in love with the floors. So I kept posing with them..
NAHHHH.. This pose is actually good to use when you didn't have any make-up on or having a bad hair day. Lay yourself down, and pose! Even you never show face, people still see you in the picture. LOL
If only you are as dirty as me.. I'm a dirty cat ><

10. YEAH! My first boxers in my life!
Bought this smiley face boxers in China road side. cheap cheap RM5 only. HAHAHA
It making me smile every night when I sleep. HAHAHHA
So comfortable. LUB LUB!

 That's all my favorite things in 2014!
How about you???
show me your panties too......



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