Thursday, 19 March 2015

NR Spring Summer 2015 @ Starhill Gallery Fashion Week

Picture of me pretty pretty should be on top of the article first haha. Yea, so its me, make up by Uncle Cole and hairstyle by Han (Centro W Salon) . Ok, Are you ready to see the fashion show? I'm ready. So Happy that I can dress up again and attend fashion show. This time I get to see Niche Retailing SS'15 at Starhill Gallery Fashion Week. The starring shows are Valentino, McQ, Kenzo, Sergio Rossi and M Missoni. I'm excited to see all of them! Stunning show indeed!

with Dragon ball, Brian See.

Le white outfits by @Myapparelzoo

The show started with Valentino. Love this piece! Makes me happy! 

Followed by McQ.

Hey hemsem boY! look here plzzzz

M Missoni

Hey Spellman! do you wanna build a snowman˜˜˜??
sorry Spell side profile caught my attention during the show haha

Finale with Kenzo

Hey dragonball? Have you collected all ze 7 balls yet? 

So happy to bump into my girls here!
Constance on left Christina on Right. They looks the same lol

My lovesss.. Christina, Cole, William

We looks cutie cutie ma?

Big eyes challenging thick brows. LOL

Your girl god Janechuck as DJ of the night!

All the pretty girls!
Forgot I had a shinny sweets in my mouth lol

Mr Brian See, Ashley and Daphne 
photo with Wowmirror Photobooth!

The boys don't know where to look at. AHHAHAHA
Is ok, as long as I'm pretty

Leng luiss, Christina and Karena!

End of the show! TATA!

Uncle Cole imitating my pose ><

Once again, Thanks to my forever love Centro W Salon and Cole.T Makeup for making me always pretty and standout in the crowd!!
A 360degree view for you!

Makeup: Cole T #RMK
HairStyle: Han #CentroWSalon
Outfits: #Myapparelzoo

I had a great great night!

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sgrmse. said...

I love that photo of you and Brian! And that last pic of you. You're a star, Kittie YiYi ♥