Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mulberry Love Craft Event

OHMAIGADDDD! I enjoy this event so much because I love DIY! So glad to be invited to join Mulberry Love Craft workshop! We all get to make our own Mulberry bracelet! We are all excited peeps during our knock knock knock session with hammer and leather >< If you wonder what are we knocking... yea, we are using the hammer to engrave our own name on the leather bracelet. Indeed a fun fun afternoon at Mulberry flagship store in Pavillion! I'm a happy kid! 

If you are a fan of Mulberry, you must know that Mulberry is a well known leather goods internationally. The craftsmanship of Mulberry bags are one of the reason why consumers are using them for yearssss! The leather are always one of their selling point due to the exclusive cow leather.
That's why I'm so excited to smell the leather at the workshop!!

The welcoming deco is so lovely!! LUBS!!!

This time I brought Uncle and my BF with me. You must be feeling surprised my bf is here with me cause he don't usually follow me to events. There's always exception, because he is a Mulberry fan!!!

Important agreement to sign before the workshop start.

I gonna start knocking!

So I pick the red bracelet!
To do the DIY, you only need a wood board, metal blocks with alphabets, leather and hammer! Very easy and fun! Picture showing me practising on hammering alphabet on another piece of leather before we start on the actual bracelet! :)
Same table with Adrian and Ming!

Knock Knock Knock! 

The BF have always been a fan of Mulberry so you can see how serious he is doing it LOL

ok, After 30 minutes, I done knocking my own name. Looks like kids work HAHAHHA

Then I have a walk around the store, so happy that I could try on and smell all the leather bags lol

Me and Cherrie in Dude and Duchess outfits!

We love the deco a lot! <3

Trying on the Cara Delevingne Quilted Nappa backpack!
I LIKE!!!!!! 

See me happily smile with double chinssssss

I'm super impressed by this bag named Silky Snake! It is reversible!!!
From Midnight black to sky blue.. OH GOSH! Can bring to two different occasions!

You see you see!!!!!!!!! 0.0

Mummy I want this, can or not.....

Obviously, we were very enjoyable at the workshop!!
Thanks Mulberry for the awesome Craft event again!



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Everything is just amazing!!! I wanna join too!!! And Cara's collection is just adore!