Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Urban Decay SS'15 Makeup Review

Yeah!!! I finally own a Urban Decay cosmetic! I've been hearing a lot of reviews from people who had used this brand. Thanks Urban Decay for spoiling me again! I've been using these new products since 2 weeks ago and I really like everything from this collection! Today  I'm gonna show you their latest collection Spring Summer cosmetic on my daily makeup look!

First, apply primer to the zombie face so that her face is active again and it protects her from skin damage due to lots of thick makeup.

 I love how this beauty balm feels because it doesn't feel sticky on skin and it is translucent! If you are looking for something that protects and hydrates your skin, this is definitely the one for you! This is not your average BB cream, it helps to minimize pores, lines, wrinkles and redness instantly.

Then, apply the brand new Urban Decay SS'15 Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer to the zombie eyes, pimple marks/scars,  and whenever cacat spot you want to cover. 

I love this liquid concealer. no lies! I think the title of the concealer is well named! It feels almost weightless on my skin. It promises a second skin-like finish while still being fully coverage. It's so true! Now I can't skip this step anymore as I hated to use concealer last time. >< So natural and light!

Besides the usage, the ingredients itself attracted me. It is enriched with Matrixyl 3000, Japanese green tea, Lychee fruit extracts and sodium which helps skin's elasticity, minimize fine lines, keep skin mosturized and hydrated throughout wear.  It also come in 8 shades! So pick up your own shades! :)

After applying concealer, just this Naked Skin Ultra Definition Powder Foundation (SS'15 collection) will do all the Zombie skin beauty touch! 

I highly recommend this powder foundation. I've been non stop using this since CNY. It's so matte to my skin but it still feels invisible and looks professional retouched! This is very good for my oily skin, or even best for our country's hot weather! It evened out my tone, covered all the small blemishes and most importantly, it is not cakey or greasy. I don't need to often retouch my skin since then.

But, I do advice to get the powder foundation which is one shade lighter than your skin. Not sure whether it's just manor my makeup artist, we both got tanner after applying our own shade. Maybe it is easily oxidize?

I normally draw my eyebrow with different method depending on my mood. When I go for a light make up I will use the powder type. This Brow box is so cute, it has two compartment and come with a wax, two tiny eyebrow brush and tweezers. There are two colors too, which is honey pot and brown sugar. For me,I applies two colors to make it look more natural. 

My favorite thing to do on my eyes. puppy eyes. haha 
These are Urban Decay Spring 2015 moon dust eye shadow!  
They are named Cosmic, Ether, and Scorpio! Super Sparkly eyeshadow! It gives off a 3D effect and can be worn wet or dry. Wet will give you much more vivid and metallic effect. If you don't want it to be too strong, apply a little to make it shine on your eyes.  blink blink! Thats it! 

I apply the cosmic eyeshadow on my lower eyelids to create dreamy and innocent eyes. HAHA
People also said that if you have "silkworm" eyes (卧蚕) kind of like swelling under your eyelids, you will looks pretty lol I also use Naked 2 Urban Decay Basics Eyeshadow Palette to create deeper eyelid for myself.

for your information: 
Cosmic - Metallic white w/ iridescent 3D sparkle and shift
Ether - light purple with pink/blue 3D sparkle and shift
Scorpio - Black matte w/gold 3D sparkle

Hardcore mascara user raise up your hand!! ME ME ME! IS ME!!!
I'm already in a lazy stage which I really hardly use any eyeliner to create big eyes. Skip that step and apply mascara is enough! I always use eye curler to create super curl eyelashes and applying a good mascara is needed! 

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara promises Bigger. Blacker. Badder! I think my picture says it all.
One of the best mascara in my list. You should give it a try!

(ignore my finger nail. I dont have nail polish to clean it >< )

Only zombie need super bright color blusher!
I have very pale skin, so I tell you a secret ar... I use my super pink eyeshadow to brush on my cheeks so it looks more visible haha. You know la.. Whatever color blusher I put on my cheeks, it wears off very fast cause my skin is too tan. Can't help ><

Now, you can come closer to me. No more Zombie! HAHA

If you read my previous blogpost about my favorite thing in 2014. Lipstick is one of them! and those I had are limited collection so I had a hard time digging new lipstick. So finally! I found them!
Pink and red are my all time favorite lipstick color when I go hang out! Not only my face is pale, my lips are very very pale like hotdog color. 

Lipstick is my must have item in daily life. So let me introduce my new favorite item in my makeup box!
Urban Decay Spring Summer 2015 Sheer Revolution lipstick! I'm really pleased with the formula and also the packaging. It looks just gorgeous and exclusive from the outside.

Sheer F-Bomb and Sheer Anarchy (picture used) are my favorite colors! To add a little dramatic to your lips, you can always put a second dipper color to your inner lips. It looks even fuller sometimes.
The feel of the lipstick are really smooth and moisture. It binds to your lip very well but most importantly it is not sticky! Very comfortable to wear and the color stays all day long even the shine has gone. LOVE IT!!!!

Ok! I'm done! Put a good smile and have lucky day ahead! <3
What do you think with my daily makeup? 

If you wish to looks a little more stylish. Do a cool liner on your eyes!
I use Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil here. Not bad! Stay on my eyes all day long!

If you wish to look a bit more "hiao" and gorgeous , try do the full makeup as how it looks in Urban Decay SS'15 poster so that you can go tackle handsome boyboy already hahaha
Smokey look done by my favorite makeup artist again, Cole SUSU. 

Urban Decay Spring Summer 2015 poster. Best sum up all the makeup products! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Watch this video for better skin finish. Done by Cole SUSU

I love most of the products from the latest collection!
Tell me which are your favorite too!!

Here's a video of me and Coco doing mirror-less makeup challenge when we first tried Urban Decay SS'15 collection!! LOVE ITT!

 Thanks Urban Decay again!!



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