Saturday, 28 March 2015

7 kickass ways to eat potato crisps

Potato chips are one of the all time snacks that every family should have. It can be served to guests or even to stop a crying child in the house. I actually don't eat much snack because I think snacks are too oily and causes me headache most of the time. 

But there's always an exception. 

If you think eating potato chips is boring, here are 7 kick ass ways to eat them to make your life even more exciting! HAHA

1. Roll it into your California Roll!!
Taste with the sushi rice and vege... SO YUM!!!

2. Serve your guests with potato chips sushi! 
suggest to eat asap if not no more crunchy crunchy o!

Seeing me eat, i'm sure you feel like eating too HAHA

3. Prank your friend with potato chips served with wasabi! AHHA
ask him to close his eyes and tell him you have something nice for him to eat! 

Ouchhhhh it seems so spicyyyyyyy.. I'm sorry but I'm satisfied to prank you HAHHAHAHA

4. Challenge your friend to how many pieces of chips they can eat at once.
suggest to insert all flavours at once so it taste more exciting!

5. Use your chips as a spoon for ice cream!
It is fun and your ice cream taste better with some crunchiness.

 mmmmmm nom nom nom

6.  Play "food face challenge" with your friends!
It's so funny when you put the chips on your friend's forehead and see their stupid expression trying to move the chips to the mouth! HAHA TRY IT!!!

7. Dress yourself up and watch your prince charming in your favourite drama!
How relaxing! It's like eating potato chips with your prince! HAHA


That's all I can think of how to eat potato chips in kick ass ways!
Do you think you can think of any way better than me? TELL ME!!!

Just so you know, the potato chips I'm currently munching now is Perfecto. It uses natural ingredients and different from other brands, there is more garnishing on top. There are 3 different flavours which is Sour Cream & Chives, Chilli & Spice Infusion, Natural Sea Salt! Love all of them!!

mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom mmmmmmmmm nom nom nom nom 

check out more of Perfecto here:



Hafiz Hafizol said...

belum cuba lagi.. saya pun penggemar potato crisps!! hehe

BudakVanilla said...

i love the gif. hahhaa. XD

sgrmse. said...

The gif is hilarious!!!

Ng Hui Qin said...

This is super cute XDD Let me have a feeling to eat Perfecto now!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha That's awesome Kittie!! Love this post!

Samantha Tew said...

OMG! the face food challenge damn funny Kittie! HAHAHA. laughing so hard in the office now!

Adlexus said...

Chips and ice cream is just soooooooo goood! Its like having fries with ice cream! The perfect combo!

Laura Kang said...


asraff ruslan said...

saya juga penggemar potato ni....memang sedap dan terbaik....

Happy walker said...

my first visits here, congrats on the feature in NN

ahmad fauzan said...

i like potato crisps!! toooo

Irvine Chin said...

nice one