Monday 24 July 2017


“You better run run run run run”

So coincidentally, I am listening to Girls Generation’s “Run Devil Run” while blogging this post. It reminds me of how I use to run a lot in my schooling day. I actually a representative to run for Merentas Desa. Sniff* That’s why my legs are muscular la…ahemmm.

I enjoy running a lot, it helps me stay healthy and also stress releasing. Nowadays I only run in the gym due to safety. I miss running outdoor! Do you feel the same as me?

Thank god there’s plenty of running events happening around Malaysia now. Run in a group, that’s what I always do in school. We give each other motivation and share the fun time together!

For your information, a great running event is happening soon! It’s MYBUDDIES RUN! MYBUDDIES RUN NEGARAKU is one of the official National Day event that gathers all Malaysian from every walk of life in the spirit of unity and solidarity for the nation. It is organized by MYNIC in collaboration with KKMM. It started with Larian Sehati Sejiwa 2015 and MYBUDDIES RUN 2016, it has brought more than 18,000 participants from avid and professional runners for this healthy lifestyle event.

There must be something crazy going on on that day, there are RM60,000 total worth of prizes to be won! What are you still waiting? 0.0

Below is the package! Make sure you bring your friends so you can save up!

21 KM – RM 100
10 KM – RM 85
05 KM – RM 75
Package 5km x 4 pax – RM 280

Thoughtful 2 sets of race tee!, I like!

Race medal! Ok I feels like I’m already win if I am wearing this. Haha

Seriously, join now! Time to get some fresh air besides playing phone on the weekends !

For more details and registration, please visit:

Facebook and Instagram: MYBUDDIES


Have a great time!!!

Friday 30 December 2016

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

Yasss, this is my current hairstyle. A hairstyle I never thought I would try. So short so hard to style lol. From my Instagram pictures, you could tell that I’m a hair freak. Life is short, so keep on trying new hairstyles!
I mean, I’ve changed plenty of hairstyles in just 3 months. Dyedpermed and repeated the process again and againIt’s obvious that my hair wouldn’t be able to withstand all of these treatments without good care. A lot of you asked what products I use, my hair routine and mostly how do I care for my hair?
It’s actually nothing big or magical as I just make sure that I condition my hair every time I shampoo. My most recent favorite is the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle. Research shows that women often don’t find the need to use conditioner. Let me tell you that shampoo alone is never enough. You definitely need to add on this conditioner! Pantene’s new 3 Minute Miracle conditioner can help us get strong, shiny and beautiful hair.
My 3 months of hair damage could be improved in just 3 minutes. Who would have thought of that? Give it a try! You will not regret it! My hair feels a lot smoother and is still improving as this conditioner protected my hair from deep within the core and also reduces protein loss which can prevent further damage. So yay for more hair styling! Lol.
This is my hair before and after conditioning. It was so frizzy at first but after I washed with the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle, I saw instant effect on my hair so I’m satisfied!
With constant hair styling for various fashion shows and events, I definitely need a miracle for my hair lol.
No matter how hard life is, do not ever let yourself have a bad hair day! Try Pantene 3 Minute Miracle now!

Check it out through here!

Monday 12 December 2016

Rocking Seoul Fashion Week

Ok, it's been so long since I last blog. I hope you all miss me. haha Last few months was super hectic. Shows, travelling, work etc. I'm glad that I'm still surviving.

Last month I had this good chance to travel with my partner in crime, MrBrianSee to Korea. All thanks to AirAsia who made all these happened. I'm always looking forward to travel with my friends and here's my recent one. Experiencing Seoul Fashion Week is our main objective this time around! I have tonnes of fun, you guys should know if you watch my instastories or snapchat. If you didn't, add me now: kittieyiyi LOL

I still remember what we had on the first night. BBQ!!! Must have in Korea.
This is BaekJeong that located at Myeong-dong.
Arghhhh I'm super hungry now!

Always more energetic to dress up during travel. Feeling like a boss during the first morning in Seoul because I don’t have to work! Yeah!!!

Ok, back to the main topic, Seoul is really a good place for fashion lover. The culture, people and ambience are all so fashionable! 0.0 There’s no surprise why Seoul Fashion Week is so welcoming.

The crowd is just so amazing!

The first show that I attended is
by Jkoo! So much loveable ruffles on the go!!

Followed by D.GNAK! Cool and sophisticated menswear! 

So happy to see one of my favorite model from Korea’s Next Top Model!
Han Seung Soo!!!!

Confirm I am loving Push Button!
 You know I always love vibrant thingy!

How can we be not dressy during fashion week!
I had Ziztar on my body on the 1st show!

Ziztar also for the 2nd show! HAHA
With one of my Instagram girl crush Kiwi Lee Han! <3

Rocking own outfits with Mr.Brian See on the 3rd day!
Pinkilicious that caught a lot of attention! 0.0

I must say again, the crowd is amazing even the kids!!!!

On the next following days, we did not do any of the common touristy stuffs.
What we did was café hopping and shopping around haha.

Ezer Coffee!
Very clean and simple ambience.
Brian’s favorite!

Address: 1F, 289-8, SungSoo-Dong 2ga, Sungdong-Gu, Seoul Korea

Isn’t this cute!? I’m not a fan of cats, but people said it’s a must visit place in Seoul.
So I went to this Table A café at SinChon. Haha They have a few branches but this is the most chilling one. (from what I read online la haha) Quite hard to find. Brian almost killed me. 

Which girl doesn’t like to go to Stylenanda Pink hotel!
Its full of pink stuff! Clothes, cosmetic, coffee and cotton candy!
Good place for a shoot!! Must go!!

Ok I forgot where is this but I love the ambience! <3

Must visit café also! Oh Lolly Day! Unfortunately, it’s closed when we were there!
Only managed to took a picture outside the shop! T.T We spent an hour just
to find this café!!!

Address: 108, Dongsulla-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul.


If you are at SinsaDong, remember to eat Remicone!
The ice cream and the popping candy is amazing!!!

Address: 547-12 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

I had so much fun during this trip!
All thanks to AirAsia, me and Brian get to enjoy Seoul, the wonderful city!

For those who always worried of noisy crowd in the plane, you have worry no more.
Look at how our baby Brian sleeping so well at the silent zone!!!

Now everybody can fly! <3

OK Korea! I’m surely will come again!
Wait for me!!!


Monday 14 November 2016

UUCARE Sanitary Pads

Well... I have lots of epic moments when my period visits me. One of them that most happened to me the most is the blood leakage and I scared the hell out of most of my guy friend. How embarrassing can that be? Sometimes the blood that stuck underneath my veejayjay is kind of annoying too, it makes me feel too warm. I cannot stand the heat! I kept changing the pad so it will make me feel better. I guess most of the girls know how annoying it is and wish we could be a men during period LOL

Anyway, there's no way to change our sex but we can choose a better sanitary pad can be! I'm so thankful I get to know this awesome sanitary pad brand from Singapore, UUcare!

UUcare came in 3 ranges:
- UUcare Crown Anti Bacteria
- UUcare Cool Technology
- Young Girl by UUcare

I personally think that Uucare Cool Technology is one cool thing that every girl ever need. It has the cooling feeling during use and is soft as feather. Of course the coolness is subjective to our body temperature.

As for Uucare Anti Bacterial, it is their hero range and it is popular due to its soft cotton feeling on the pad surface. It is very comfortable and available at all stores!

Whereas the Young Girl by Uucare is their newest range targeting to young working girls who are not afraid to try new products and looking for a good quality pad at an affordable price! Worth trying!

Not forget to mention, the pad's surface is fully anti bacterial. It is non flourescent, no whitening agent on the glue so it’s safe. I think if a pad can eliminates odor it would be the best and one of the must have and most important is the gel within the pad gotta have the self-absorb function.

Love the small packaging that perfectly fit into my bag. 

Grab your UUcare now at your nearest stores:
Crown Antibacteria: Tesco, Aeon Wellness, Maxvalu, Mercatos, Jason’s Food Hall (Bangsar), Hero Supermarket
Cool Tech: Aeon Wellness

Young Girl: Giant and Tesco
For more info, go to UUcare Facebook: