Monday 16 July 2012

Uniqlo. Uniqlooks.

Urgh.... I was supposed to blog about the "Uniqlook" event last friday! Why am I so lazyyyyyy??!? To be honest, I was attracted by the prize, "win a trip to any country which has Uniqlo store", so that is the main reason I joined this contest. LOL Of course, this is also a styling competition which I think I might have the ability to take it. So yea, I got in to the top 20 finalist. My mission was to style 2 looks with uniqlo's garments  and I got a chance to walk on the runway!!! That's the most exciting part! Lol, First time in my life!

Uniqlook's final day!
picture from uniqlo malaysia

Rehearsal time! This stage was supposed to be our runway at night!
But end up using another back up stage due to rain! =(

Choon, the handsome guy on the stage who is managing the whole event! 
He is really a nice guy! Woots!

The top 10 girls finalist poster! So happening right! HOHOHO!!

Hairdo time! Busy moment!!

My makeup for my look! love it! with my makeup artist! A lot people thought that my makeup is too manly..
It was my intention actually! LOL! Cool and edgy is my stuff! =)

The crowd before the show start.
picture from uniqlo malaysia.

Introducing the judges from the up left, Tengku Azura (the top model), Lisa Surihani (Actress),
up right, Cheah Wei Chun (celebrity stylist), Geraldine Loy (celebrity make up artist),
Bottom left, Alvin (DJ Goldfish); Bottom right, Satoshi Onoguchi (managing director of Uniqlo Malaysia). 
picture from uniqlo malaysia

Ding ding! Here's the show! So proud to be opening the show! HAHA!
The challenge of the first round is to style Uniqlo white t-shirt into our very unique style.

Summarize of all other 9 female contestants..

The male contestants. 

Ding ding! I'm very lucky to get into top 5 in female contestant.
So I get to walk on the runway again! hehe!
The mission is to style one of the Uniqlo garment which I had already pick it in Uniqlo store, for free! =) 
So, this man red long sleeves top was my priority when I chosen it! love it! 

Close up close up! Loving my back hair so much!! hehe

My top 4 competitors! 

The top 5 male finalist! Who you think is the best? 

One of the audience who was interviewed by the amcee. And this cute happy girl voted for me to win. hehe thanks!
By the way my name is kittie, not kiki! HAHA

End of the show! I did not win the prize.. wuwuuwuuuu :'(
my plan to Tokyo is gone~~~wuwuwuwuuU~~~ LOL  Fine, I will go myself! 
Anyway, congrats to the winner FYA!!!

The guy winner, SAIFUL!!!!!!!!!
Congrats!!! Maybe you can bring me along to New York too Saiful? please... 

Sorry Fya, I shouldn't stand at your place. Lol Lol!

Group picture! We are a happy family! YEAH!!! Well done you all!!!=)

Upload along with all my crap pictures too then:
Satoshi Onoguchi with me and Sun Khiew

My Supporters! haha Thanks for coming babes!

With my handsome diva guru, Roger Mah. But I think I am more handsome la.. HAHA

<<<<<<abang yang tersayang aku (Tengku Syahmi) and Tengku Azura >>>>>

Yala yala, I know I looks very man in this picture la.. HAHA Who cares~!
End here!!! XOXO!!!