Monday, 11 March 2013

Shine bright like a star

 Ngek Ngek! Who is this in the Unicorn. One of my favorite Malaysian designer - Man Chien! She say she wasn't suppose to show her face on that night. She is too cute. Haha

If you read my last post, you will know this is the KLASH event. It was held by Fashion Marketing and  Management students from Raffles College of Higher Education. This fashion show's aim is to promote local designers based in Kuala Lumpur. There are 6 designers on the night which is Joe Chia, PU3, Alia Bastamam , Influence, Man Chien and Zakwan Anuar. The event consisted of three elements - Fashion Night Out, Fashion Show and a Trunk Show.

some pictures to show... 

Design by PU3

Joe Chia. The one who always laugh with big mouth. AHHA

Man Chien. The very mysterious designer yet lovely! :-)

Some random people to show.. hehe
Miriam Alegria                                 Ashman Mahfudz.

The Idan                                         Justin Chew.

  Pei Yee and Azian.                                   Brandon Ong

The posey Joe Chia haha

Shir Chong. Totally in love with her features!

The playful Pei yee was trying to pose a sexy pose with the big fan behind. LOL
Looks really beautiful! 0.0

I wanna try too. But I failed -.-

Failed shot of me and duogigs. haha But I like it.
It just suits the theme "shine bright like a star"! Don't you think so? Lol . 

awkward people pose.
Man Chien, Ann Ning and Alan Ooi. 

Me and Cherrie.

Us again :-)

Outfits of the day.
Sequins top from Topshop, Vintage slit skirt, MMM x HM candy clutch, Wedge from China.
Totally loving this shot by BiboAswan! and edited by Iphone apps. HAHA
That's why it looks amazing!

Oh, If you wonder why my top looks so familiar, it was my sequins dress that I wore on my graduation day on 2010. I reuse it again as a top by folding the hem up. nice? haha And the skirt is actually a pencil skirt from old days. I unpicked the slit till my thigh so it give my whole look a little of surprise! Hope you all love it! :-)

Laugh as much as u can if you think my 2010 face is funny. LOL

Thats all for tonight. It was indeed a fun night!!
Good job my Raffles juniors! Proud of you all!!!!

Saturday, 2 March 2013


Hello everyone, it's a brand new month!! time passes so fast! too fast!! Have you plan of what to do this month? If you have not! Please consider to attend this KLASH fashion event if you are an ultimate fashion lover!!

So, What is KLASH?
KLASH = Kuala Lumpur + Fashion
KLASH is a Fashion Event which combine Fashion Night Out, Fashion Show, and Trunk Show in order to promote and support local fashion industry by gather local key players in fashion industry and by gather local key players in fashion industry and showcase them to public.

This event is held on 9th March 2013 (Saturday) , 6pm - late, at Mezza9 Bar, KL.

What is so exciting about this event? 
There are fashion shows by all our Malaysia's talented and amazing designers such as Joe Chia, Alia Bastamam, PU3, ZakwanAnuar, Influence, and many many more! Don't miss your chance of looking at all these designer's show because this event is FREE ADMISSION !!!!!!!! Bring your friends along too!!

Beside than this, there is an award for best dress on that night!! What's the dress code???
"Shine Bright Like A Star"
So, don't forget to dress well! I guess the whole event is gonna be so bright, brighter than the star O.O
I should prepare my sunglasses on that day. haha..

What are you still waiting??
RSVP now throught this email: 
(only those who RSVP will get free drinks!)