Friday 28 February 2014

AirAsia New Breakfast Combo!

Hello to all my beloved one, I assume myself is a fashion lover who consume fashion in my daily life! But! Breakfast is still one of my important thing in life! I never miss my breakfast as I know it gives me energy in my entire day! This is why I am so healthy all this while HAHHAHA PROUD YO!!!!!!! You know when you are bragging that you are healthy or what, karma will come. So let's pray that I wont get sick after this post -.-

So what is it so interesting in this post? There are new breakfast menu in AirAsia flight now! Recently, I've been travelling around for work trip. How do I keep myself in such healthy condition through all these hectic flights and trips? Healthy breakfast, that's what we need!

Everyone still needs a hearty breakfast even while they're flying! And now everyone can do so with AirAsia's latest Breakfast Combo, which had just been introduced this 1st February with some of Malaysia's favorite meals such as Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak, Roti Canai with Chicken Curry and Rice Congee with Scallops; as well as all-time favorites such as Pancake with butter & maple syrup.

These new Breakfast Combos are available on all AirAsia (AK flight code) flights from 5.30am - 11am every day, and they come with Complimentary T&Co Coffee or T&Co Teh Tarik too from only RM10 per set!!!

Look at all these in flight healthy breakfast:

Combo A: Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak + Free T&co Coffee OR T&Co Teh Tarik

A traditional Malaysian favourite fragrant coconut rice served with Pak Nasser's special chilli sambal and tender chicken rendang, accompanied with traditional condiments of fried anchovies, crunchy groundnuts and half of a hard-boiled egg.

COMBO B: Roti Canai with Chicken Curry
+ Free T&CO Coffee OR T&CO Teh Tarik
One of Malaysia’s favourite breakfast meals, this popular Indian-influenced delicacy is a simple representation of paratha bread, cooked to golden brown with chicken and potato curry on the side. The soft and fluffy texture of the paratha bread will surely put a smile on anyone’s tummy!

Combo C: Scallop Congee + Free T&CO Coffee OR T&CO Teh Tarik

A popular Chinese breakfast dish, this warm and savoury rice congee is the ideal breakfast meal. The flavoursome portion of scallop and mushroom bits, complemented by condiments such as soft ground nuts, spring onions and minced chicken are bound to set your cravings at ease.

COMBO D: Pancake with Butter and Maple Syrup
+ Free T&CO Coffee OR Teh Tarik

A stack of 3 irresistible hot pancakes topped with creamy butter and sweet maple syrup just the way you like them. A great way to start the morning but also works for an all-day pick-me-up indulgence.

nom nom nom!!! I'm craving for food now! So don't forget to order your breakfast when you are taking a morning flight. It's only RM10 and you can keep yourself energetic and healthy for the trip!

Pleasant meal and trip everyone!!

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Restyle x MINKPINK !

Hola my girlsssss! If you live in Australia before, you should be familiar with this iconic Australian brand MINKPINK! A brand which encourage girls to be brave and free! That's sounds really me huh? That's true.. haha...But where do I get them??? Thanks to Isetan who at last brought in Minkpink to KLCC, Malaysia!! and yes, I can finally get my right pieces in the closet now!!

Rewind to 2005, when designer Rachel Evans spotted a gaping hole in the Australian fashion market for well-designed, gorgeous yet affordable clothing, leaving the everyday style conscious girl seriously short changed. Something needed to give... and so came the birth of MINKPINK!

Eight years on and iconic Australian brand MINKPINK has continued to stay true to itself, designing inspirational, original pieces season upon season that their girls can afford to buy and Love to wear. With consumers and buyers the world over snapping up. MINKPINK's collections, their growth shows no signs of slowing and has resulted in the brand expanding to offer everything from swimwear, sunglasses, basics, jewelry and accessories...phew! MINKPINK. Designed and loved for who we are!

Look at this gorgeous lady! It's Christina Perri, the killer look with super voice singer-songwriter!!
This season MinkPink are set to blow it out of the water with the launch of "The Music Issue", bringing together the worlds of music and fashion to produce their rad new global campaign!With the inked-up brunette bombshell with the megawatt smile of Christina Perri, MINKPINK are beyond stoked to have tapped this one up!

Thanks to Isetan, I finally got myself some comfortable yet stylish outfits! just a plain black singlet with a loose ikat printed pants, it had already lighten up my whole day! I can even wear this to the beach now!!
Barefoot walk...feeling the sunlight with burning floor.. Lolll I'm desperate for a beach trip now! T.T

Another classic checkered print sweater I got from MINKPINK! I mean who don't love sweater when it is so comfortable yet brings a little sultry when you pair it with a leather shorts. >.<

Good quality and highly detailed, I love it!

Definitely suits my crazy personality >.<

So, are you ready to be brave and free like MINKPINK!? I am ready to fly high with all my comfy and stylish wear now!

MINKPINK have exclusively launched at Restyle - Isetan KLCC on 21 Feb 2014. Get your favorite pieces now! I will be their appointed fashion blogger who will work on styling session for Restyle x Minkpink. 
meet me on this coming Friday, 28 February from 3pm - 7pm at 1st floor of Isetan KLCC to get style by me! Also, everybody who mention my name, KittieYiyi and filled up the survey form at MINKPINK counter will get 15% discount off every item.

For more info, please visit:  

Minkpink Malaysia fb: Restyle x Minkpink
Official Minkpink fb:
Instagram: @official_minkpink

Sunday 23 February 2014

ELLE Malaysia Launch Party

It was indeed a FABULOUS night for Elle Malaysia Launch Party! Totally in love with the beautiful night with all the beautiful crowd! It was held on last Thursday, 20 Feb at Zebra Square! This is a special day where Elle M'sia magazine launched its premiere issue with 308 pages of world-class fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle editorial! The Elle team proudly revealed its launch edition at a stunning party to more than 900 specially invited guests, many of whom flew in from overseas for the occasion. Also, attended by the top brass of the Malaysian fashion and beauty industry, along with notable celebrities, artists and socialites.

With supermodel, Shir Chong!
Guests were greeted with a celebratory glass of Moët & Chandon as they entered, before being pampered and treated by Shawn Cutler and Shu Uemura at a touch-up station courtesy of L'Oréal Professionnel. They then walked down a specially created catwalk where waiting “paparazzi” snapped them.

In the grand courtyard garden, there were three live art displays as Malaysian artists Marini Ramlan, Celine Wong and I Am May painted on dresses created by local fashion designers Alia Bastamam, Yasmin Ramli and Nurita Harith. The dresses will be displayed in live spaces around Malaysia over the next six weeks before being auctioned for charity.

The crowd were then welcome by the amcee, Daphne Iking.

Andrea Wong (editor in chief, ELLE Malaysia) & Graham Paling (Group Managing Director, Mongoose Publishing, publisher of ELLE Malaysia) presenting the first copies of the inaugural issue of ELLE Malaysia to H.E. Mme Martine Dorance  (Ambassador of France to Malaysia) and François Coruzzi (Executive Vice President International, Lagardère Active, the international brand owners of ELLE)

Patrica K, hot DJ of the evening!

The highly anticipated inaugural ELLE Malaysia cover was unveiled at the climax of a gravity-defying aerial dance routine by Viva Vertical.  Love this scene so much! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

The first cover of ELLE Malaysia features Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, the most internationally successful Malaysian woman. 

 Me in my favorite color red, dress! Happy me!!YEAH!!!
and there goes my selfie time with all my friends.

My lovely makeup artist of the night, aka great companion, Mr.Cole Tan!
Me and Kathryn from!

Lewis foo with mouthful of popcorn and Mr.Cole. HAHA

Hello my two leng zais, JunYih and Cole! lol

Chris Yong and Ming da bomb!

Mr.Cole imitating Chris Yong pose at above haha. He thought this is such a brilliant sexy pose from Chris.

Joyce Wong, the gorgeous tan woman!

Me and Cherrie macam cartoon faces? HAHA

Pose, girl pose !

Elle stage! How dare we stand on it and pose -.-

The very gorgeous, Shalma Ainaa!

Florence Song with her super sultry black dress! LOVE IT!!!
Dont you think she looks like Fann Wong that night?!

Elle cupcakessssssss... and many many food on that night, but I only had a small cupcake because I don't want to stain my red lips >.< Even though I love eating so much, I gave up >.<

Alcohol lovers here. HAHHA
Teresa, Cheng Cheng, and Sabrina.

Me and my lovely happy abang, Tengku Syahmi! We both born in very close birth date with the same smile. HAHA That's why I call him abang. Lol

Fabulous Onefm DJ, Mei Sim.

Mr.Gatsby, Ethan Chu from Streething!

Jamie Khoo, features writer of Elle!
I  look kind of weird here? haha

Joyce tried to hide under my can can dress. LOL

Hello all the fabulous ladies of the night! :-*

Trying to act like husband and wife photo but failed. LOL I love man in suit especially when Lewis wears it. HAHA

Are they sister?? Looks almost the same! 0.0
Mei Sim and Shir Chong

Awwwwwwwww... Such lovely picture of me and Mr.Cole who helped me to clean my lip stain away. HAHAHHAHA Such professional makeup artist friend I have! <3

With Alan Ooi, your awesome designer from Yii.

With gorgeous body shape, Nor Soraya! I'm jealous!!

Love this picture of us because we were smiling with teeth! HAHA
Charlene and Soraya!

Lastly, my outfit of the night which tried to match up the theme "fabulous"!
red dress from Lanvin X H&M // Heels from Louboutin.

Fabulous makeup by Mr.Cole and Keith Ong who helped me to styled my hair after my styling job in the morning >.<

Thanks for the invite, Elle!! I had a wonderful fabulous night!!!!!!!!!